Jerrycan iPhone App – Track Fuel, Mileage, Expenses of Car

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If you are a car freak and love your car more than your wife (is she reading this?), then Jerrycan is the app you should download right now on your iPhone or iPad. For a smooth ride in town or a long trip to the beach, you have to ensure that your car runs without any glitch so that you don’t have to hitchhike.

Mileage, fuel, and MPG are three major concerns for any car owners; and Jerrycan helps you track all such data. Moreover, if you are a real tree-hugger and worried about ecology, Jerrycan also gives you some information regarding how much impact your car has created on the environment.

About the user interface and experience, Jerrycan impresses any user; and if you have a weakness for dark shades, you will be stunned by Jerrycan. It is smartly designed to highlight those graphs, which are in bright colours, so you can easily track every detail. There is another reason for darker background of Jerrycan. The app is data rich and users should be able to check the data with a single glance; this is the reason why typography is kept fairly legible.

Jerrycan iPhone App – Review

Explore this app and you will find that each section of Jerrycan smartly organized for easy browsing; appreciate the animations of Jerrycan that provide a visual treat to your eyes.

Jerrycan – Fuel, MPG and Mileage Tracker iPhone and iPad App

The beauty of Jerrycan lies in its ability to transfer data. If Jerrycan is not the first such app in your life, you can transport the old data from a previous app to Jerrycan. It is pretty damn simple; explore the old data as CSV file, open the same file in Jerrycan from the Share extension and it is done.

Have you got a new car? Fret not! Adding a new car is a breeze. First off, select your car’s year of manufacturing, body type, make, model, engine and odometer. Next, you can add a photo to the car and select the settings for fuel tank capacity, city and highway consumption, currency and unit preferences.

Once you set up your car, you can now check different specifications like Overview, Efficiency (city and highway), Distance, Fuel, Spendings, Savings (in terms of pollution), Over-consumption and Networks. Jerrycan is unique in its specifications as you don’t find Savings on other mileage tracking apps. Savings tells you how many trees you have protected, how much pollution you have prevented, and how many litres of gas you have saved. If your car has burnt more gas than expected, the app will show extra pollution caused by the car. In Networks, you can see the stations where you have filled up your car’s gas tank; moreover, it also shows if you have overpaid for the gas.

Jerrycan offers many benefits to all car lovers; it improves your driving habits by providing driving tips and guides; Also it has easy to use intuitive sliders to feed data so you don’t have to type numbers; it reminds you to save Fill-up data whenever you are at the gas station; and it helps you rate gas station so that you get the best gas for your car.

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