It’s not often that a power-packed lockscreen tweak like Jellylock comes up. And when it is up for grabs, it’s not often that it’s free.

But JellyLock is free and powerful Cydia tweak. It replaces the default iPhone lockscreen slider with an Android Jellybean inspired lockscreen. You know the one where you tap and grab a circular lock icon to whatever edge of a circle and unlock the screen? That kind.

Interestingly, though, JellyLock makes it all the more powerful than Android’s offering. And if you get used to this, you might never switch back to any other lockscreen.

JellyLock Cydia Tweak

The basic idea is similar to Grabby: open apps faster from the lockscreen. Say, a few favorite apps you’ve got (like WhatsApp and Twitter here). When you want to open these apps directly from the lockscreen, all you do is grab the lock icon to whatever app you want to open and bam! The app is opened. If you’ve got passcode lock, you’ll have to enter it.

So Why is JellyLock Special?
For starters, I think it’s awesome that such a power-packed tweak is put up for free. Max Katzmann, the developer, has done a good job of making the tweak totally customizable and it is really impressive. You can change a lot of stuff and the tweak is truly a feature-packed one.

What’s it Got?

  1. You can set up to three custom apps on the lockscreen circle. Drag and drop the lock icon on any of them and pop opens the app instantly.
  2. By default, you’ve got camera on the left and unlock on the right. You can change the camera icon to any other app of your choice.
  3. You can change the size of the icons to your choice too. Larger, smaller, medium. You’ve got it
  4. You can change the theme too! By default, there’s the white theme which looks beautiful. If you want to skip the minimal look and have them filled, go for the iOS theme. Then there’s black too. And oh, you can also customize their opacity.
  5. You can also set vibrate alerts for some haptic candy: vibrate when the lock icon touches the unlock icon on the right? Yes, sir, the app lets you do that.

JellyLock Cydia Tweak

Overall, JellyLock is powerful and is known to work good with a ton of other lockscreen tweaks like LockInfo. And the fact that it’s free (typically, tweaks like this should cost $1.99-$3.99) is a cool thing too.

How to get JellyLock Cydia Tweak:

  • Open Cydia -> Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add and add this repo:
  • Now, look for JellyLock (beta) and install it. Respring.
  • You can tweak all settings from Settings -> JellyLock.

Kudos to Max for the wonderful tweak!

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