Jamf Global Survey Finds Apple’s Mac Is More Reliable Than Other PCs

In an independent survey conducted by Jamf, it is found that Mac is a clear winner over other computers in enterprises. Respondents voted for Mac because of its design, continuity, familiarity, and ease of use.

A couple of months back, we asked five developers to share their experience of migration from Windows to Mac. All unanimously appreciated Mac’s ability to perform better in all aspects. They furnished valid reasons why they prefer Mac.

Something similar is done by Jamf, an Apple management solutions provider. Jamf has hired a third-party research firm, Vanson Bourne, to survey to find critical drivers of Apple in enterprise adoption and satisfaction with the Mac.

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Mac Users Are More Satisfied, Productive, Creative, and Collaborative: Jamf Global Survey

The key findings are interesting, and they are favorable for Apple. The survey includes four employee groups viz: Information Technology, Marketing, Human Resources, Sales, and Engineering. Notably, most of the participants have voted for tremendous employee satisfaction, productivity, creativity, and collaboration for Mac.

In the survey, participants were asked to share their experience with Mac, and how Mac improved their professional life:

  • 97% of participants assert enhanced productivity
  • 95% claim increased creativity
  • 94% claim self-sufficiency with technology
  • 91% claim increased collaboration

Nearly 79% of respondents mentioned that without Mac, they would have to face a lot of troubles as Mac made their tasks more manageable.

“Mac is perceived to be more effective in the workplace than any other device brand. Of those surveyed, 79% agree they could not do their job as effectively without being able to use a Mac. And 83% of respondents in the job roles of Information Technology and Human Resources feel using a Mac is critical to their job function.”

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When the participants were asked to provide reasons to choose Mac, there are three main reasons: they like Apple products; they find Mac more reliable than other computers, and Mac works best with apps and resources they need to do their job.

Among other reasons cited in the survey are:

  • Design (prefers the user interface and overall design)
  • Continuity (connects seamlessly with iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch)
  • Familiarity (it’s what people use at home)
  • Ease of use (it’s easier to use than a PC)

That’s all folks!

Concluding Remarks

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In the final note, the research firm mentions, “Because Mac users have been given the opportunity to use their technology of choice, they are more satisfied, productive, creative and collaborative. Giving employees Mac also affords them easy access to the apps they need to succeed in their jobs. Lastly, and definitely not least, workers will spend less time on the sidelines with device issues.”

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Which laptop do you use at office – Mac or PC? Would you like to switch to Mac? Share your feedback with us in the comment section.

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