Mac Enterprise Endpoint Protection Security Bolsters on Jamf’s Digital Security Acquisition

Mac Enterprise System Security gets more power through Jamf acquisition of Digital Security. Apple's Enterprise Solutions will help address security & privacy concerns with more teeth from Jamf 'pick' of Digital Security.

More power to Mac from malicious activities and threats, as Jamf new acquisition Digital Security, promises to offer more powerful enterprise endpoint protection. Jamf’s press release said this would preserve the Apple experience, users expect and love.

Jamf offers tech and industry solutions specific to Mac users while Digital Security are creators of enterprise-grade, purpose-built endpoint protection solutions designed to protect Mac users.

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Mac Users Security & Privacy Concerns ‘top-of-mind’ for Jamf  

IT Manager’s worst fears are from security threats that can invade their software, breaking their security barriers. This breach can happen with the installation of a fake version of Flash using a simple tool such as a pop-up window! Once in, you can imagine the kind of losses companies face besides losing face in the eyes of its clients and end-users, causing unnecessary financial distress.

Dean Hager, CEO, Jamf says, “There is undisputable evidence that demand for Mac in the enterprise is at a record high but, at the same time, security and privacy concerns are at a fever pitch.”

He outlined Jamf’s mission to extend the existing suite of endpoint protection solution built exclusively for Mac. This will help organizations succeed through Apple’s Enterprise Solutions as Digital Security team joins Jamf to help aggressively invest in providing this critical solution.

Patrick Wardle, Chief Research Officer, Digital Security notes, “There are many great security solutions in the market, but none of them focus on the unique security capabilities and threats for Mac, and the expectations of both enterprise IT/security and Mac users.”

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Patrick spoke of Digital’s early understanding for a purpose-built solution offering of security and peace of mind. It required enterprise organizations to deliver Mac users the experience they would love. 

Corporates & Public are Vulnerable to Malware and Threats Causing Huge Losses

Today data security and data privacy have become a mainstay of every corporate boardroom or public fora discussions attaching due importance to the subject directly involving all stakeholders. 

Now this alliance of Jamf and Digital Security will prove to be a boon for all Mac Users as we infer from the release.

Friends, you may recall springtime 2017, when Proton Remote Access Trojan (RAT) malware-infected Mac User’s systems. It extracted password data from auto-fill data that is – from browser invading Mac-OS keychain and password vaults. As a solution then, underground hacking forums charged fees ranging from $1,200 to $830,000 for the entire project, can you imagine? 

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Again in July 2018, security experts from Kaspersky Lab discovered a precursor of the infamous Proton macOS malware named Calisto, which enabled remote login, screen share, etc. to give full control and access over infected systems.

To round off, Mac users can look forward to that true Apple experience providing security and privacy, which they love, thanks to Jamf’s takeover of Digital System business.

Dhvanesh Adhiya
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