iXCC Element II Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad

iXCC Element II Lighting cable is highly efficient and is fully capable of charging your iPhone and iPad at the top speed.
iXCC Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad

Even though I have liked using battery cases and wireless chargers, Lightning cable has always been my preferred choice. Whether I need to charge my iPhone fast and securely or sync data, it does the work with the desired efficiency.

There are a good many Lightning cables in the market. But then, not all of them are reliable enough to let you charge your iOS device with the required safety. According to a test of the Apple chargers commissioned by the UK consumer protection body Chartered Trading Standards Institute, out of the 400 chargers purchased online, merely three had sufficient insulation to protect electric shocks in the most basic safety test. This revelation just goes on to show why it’s imperative to take some extra caution before buying a charger.

Meet iXCC Element II Lightning cable that has all the qualities needed to power up your iOS device securely. Besides, it excels in letting you sync data with the lightning fast speed. The cable has several other important features that make it a reliable choice. Here is the hands-on review!

Highly Efficient

iXCC Element II Lightning cable is very efficient. The ability to charge your device with 2.4A speed makes it at par with the best in the business. Another important aspect of this cable is the robust signal strength that ensures you are able to sync data with the rapid speed.

iXCC Lightning Cable

Throughout the test, iXCC cable stood up to the market. It not only allowed me power up my device fast but also enabled me to transfer data without any issue. What enormously helps its cause is the Apple authorized chip that makes it fully compatible.

Immensely Durable

The one quality I always make sure to check in a Lightning cable is durability. There are not too many cables that can survive regular wear and tear. Many cables go out of the boil when faced with the real test—that comes with regular usage.

iXCC Lightning Cable Construction

I’m really impressed with the overall build-up of this Lightning cable. It features TPE jacket that adds an additional layer of protection to it. There is also a protective mesh that reinforces its strength.

The high-quality wire is equipped to endure all the hazards coming its way. Being completely tangle-free, it’s able to retain its top functionality for long.

Secure Charging

With the MFi certification, the Lightning cable has been designed to provide the needed security to your device while charging. Your iPhone will remain protected from short circuit, over/low voltage or over current. It will automatically stop charging your device when it’s fully charged up.

As far as providing the essential safeguard is concerned, you can trust this cable to live up to your expectation. Besides, you won’t get the random error message that the accessory is not compatible to charge your device.

The Needed Comfort

The 6 fit cable allows you to charge your device with the essential comfort. Whether you are relaxing in your bed, having a peaceful time at couch or working in the office, the long cable will become very handy in letting you power up your device with the needed peace of mind.

Many a time, I just don’t want my device to be left alone for charging. The long cable allows me to use my device comfortably from bed or sofa. It’s one of the reasons why I keep a long cable.

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The Verdict

Simply put, iXCC Element II Lightning cable is a trusted bet for your iOS devices. Be it the necessary protection from short-circuiting, top charging speed or quality material, it admirably stands tall on all the aspects.

Given the qualities, I think it’s reasonably priced. As it comes in two packs, you get two pretty long-lasting and reliable cables at just one price. (best Lightning cables for iPhone and iPad)

What do you think of this Lightning cable? Share your views in the comments below section.

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