Widgets make Android so different from iPhone and so powerful in some respects. If there’s one important feature I’d like to have on my iPhone, that would be widgets. Of course, Apple’s reluctance to clutter the springboard with widgets is clearly understandable but I think this one of those things that has made the iOS stale.

I mean, you can’t even add a clock or a calendar widget to your iPhone’s springboard. Sounds pretty pathetic, eh?

Well, that’s where iWidgets comes in.

There have been a lot of widget tweaks for the Notification Center and the Lockscreen. There have also been a few tweaks for the springboard to feature some widgets but I think iWidgets is a cool tweak to have if you’re looking to add some spice to your Springboard.

iWidgets Cydia Tweak

By default, you can add a clock and a calendar to your iPhone’s springboard with iWidgets. Although not feature-rich as such, it’s a start. iWidgets can help you add even other springboard widgets from themes. For instance, we have Carla iOS theme installed and a couple of widgets from the theme are available for use with iWidgets. You can also search for iWidget widgets on Cydia.

How to Get / Install iWidgets

iWidgets is a free tweak available on ModMyi repo. To install it, just head over to Cydia and search for iWidgets. Install it and respring the dashboard.

iWidgets doesn’t installed in Settings so there’s nothing really there to configure.

How to Add Clock/Calendar Widgets to the Springboard

Adding a widget is very similar to how you’d do that on Android.

1). Tap and hold on any empty area of the Springboard.
2). In the options that pop up, tap on Clock or Calendar and then tap on Add. Optionally, you can configure the options for the Calendar here.

It looks pretty good with the battery too and doesn’t eat up a lot. There was one reboot when I tried to put the widgets onto an empty homescreen. Doesn’t work. The ideal way is to have one app icon on a new homescreen and put the widgets on the same.

  • Greg Wallace

    my iwidget clocks are all 8 hours ahead of my phone time. Any ideas how to fix this?