Apple is gearing up for iWatch production, according to a new report published on Reuters. The publication cites sources in the loop stating that Quanta would be mass producing the smartwatch in July, for an October launch.

There are some specs being hinted at: nothing new but definitely re-affirming existing rumors. For starters, the watch-face would feature a 2.5″ screen, a curved back and pulse sensors. Here’s more.

iWatch Set to Release in October

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Taiwan’s Quanta Computers has been widely rumored to be producing Apple’s smartwatch (that we’ve all dubbed iWatch). While rumors up till this point only hinted that the iWatch would be launched/released sometime in fall (September/October), the Reuters report seems to fix that to October. That’s about the time we have upgrades to the iPad Air and iPad mini 2.

A marked departure from earlier rumors is in the size of the display. Analysts had hinted at a ~1.5″ OLED display but this one says the iWatch would feature a 2.5″ screen and a slightly rectangular shape.

The source, according to Reuters, said that Apple is planning to ship about 50 million units in the first year of production. The screen’s being provided by LG Display while other assemblies are being done at Quanta.

Price points for the iWatch haven’t been mentioned but the iWatch price has been rumored to be anywhere between $350 (based on Samsung Galaxy Gear estimates) and thousands of dollars according to the guy who rumored that Apple iWatch would be a premium product competing with Swiss watches.

The sensors on iWatch are something like a foregone conclusion. Lots of iOS 8 features already hint (and make sense) for a smartwatch with health/fitness sensors. The iWatch would be positioned suitably to measure your pulse. It is expected that the iWatch would run a custom iOS 8 firmware. iOS 8 is launches to the public in Fall.

According to various sources, the iWatch would also feature a wireless charging capability. Given the technological advances, even iPhones can be charged wirelessly these days so an iWatch that charges wirelessly would be an easy thing for Apple.