The market speculation of a 2013 release of iWatch appears to have been derailed/dethroned for the moment. A Financial Times report cites sources within the Apple saying that the iWatch might not see the light of day till late 2014.

iWatch, more recently, came under the spotlight when Apple registered for the “iWatch” trademark in multiple countries. However, the speculation stands to be tested.

Financial Timesquotes unnamed sources familiar with Apple’s processes that Apple is on a tight recruiting spree. Apparently, the “aggressive” hiring is for the iWatch project. This also hints at an iWatch release date set for Q3-Q4/2014. Bloomberg sparked the iWatch set of rumors this March with its report on a hundred engineers working on iWatch.

iWatch Release Date in 2014

That Apple’s engineering team is not well-equipped to produce the technology behind iWatch was echoed by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo sometime back. Interestingly nothing much came out of that analysis beyond a 2014 release speculation.

The new report from FT seems to add fuel to this less-repeated speculation. And there are good reasons to believe.

Tim Cook has been quite positive in displaying Apple’s interest in wearable technology. Although rumors pin it on a smartwatch, no one is really sure about what exactly “iWatch” represents. Notwithstanding this particular point, rumors have consistently pointed to a 2013 release date. A few analysts however believe that mass production of the iWatch might not start till the second-half of 2014 which puts the release somewhere close to the end of 2014.

There haven’t been as many speculations on iWatch features as much although some vague points about fingerprint sensors and camera have made their appearances occasionally. On a more practical note, the iWatch would possibly integrate completely with  your iPhone. Watches like Pebble already offer a decent level of integration so a smartwatch from Apple would offer a deeper layer of integration.

Source: 9To5Mac