If supply chain rumors turn out to be true this time, iWatch might just see the light of day by Fall 2014. According to a report published on G for Games, indications from Chinese media are that iWatch production is underway, albeit in small quantities. If the production has started already, one could expect the iWatch to be released by the end of this year.

However, production seems to be happening slowly/in small quantities. This could be attributed to a variety of factors, most notably to new kind of a design/manufacturing process. Apple is known to innovate so much that it often requires new production methods and equipments to get things done.

iWatch Release Date Could be Fall 2014

The iWatch is also rumored to be built using SiP – System in a Package. An SiP is a closed system packing a lot of integrated circuits that perform various functions of memory, processor, sensors, DRAM etc. Using SiP reduces the number of components and the size, which clearly establishes the case for a smartwatch. You don’t want a bulky smartwatch. You can’t have a bulky smartwatch.

Earlier speculations about iWatch have all been hunky-dory. Analyst Ming-chi Kuo of KGI said that Apple would be competing with Swiss watchmakers in producing high-end smarwatches that might cost thousands of dollars: a claim that’s hard to believe given the fact that, costly as they are, Apple’s products are not just for elite.

What’s the price, then?

While there’s not much speculation or rumor in this department, a $250+ is a number we’ve seen occasionally tagged to iWatch price. That would mean, comparing the $300+ Gear from Samsung, that the iWatch would pack fewer features but one thing that’s certain is that it would be more focused, more seamless and much better of a consumer product.

One of the biggest hints about iWatch came through iOS 8’s healthbook. Given the fact that “Healthbook” app appears to be some form of a sensor-driven health and fitness app, the iWatch could be the device that runs healthbook on your iPhone. Which seems to point out that the iWatch is more of a fitness-oriented smartwatch than the bloat-ware that other companies are producing.

While 2014 was stated to be an “exciting year” for Apple by none other than Tim Cook, the CEO, it is still hard to put your finger on a release date for iWatch.