Much has been speculated about the iWatch including the price but so far, concrete detail (read: insider info) hasn't been made available. Re/code breaks the ice on this one. Yesterday, it carried a report suggesting that executives at Apple HQ are considering an iWatch price set at around $400.

Update [10-September-2014]: The official price-tag for Apple Watch is $349. That’s close to the $400 rumor.

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A wide range of prices have been rumored for iWatch. We've had analysts predict that the iWatch would cost anywhere between $250-$350 (based on Samsung's Galaxy Gear). There were also some suggestions about the $1000-premium-iWatch.

iWatch Could Launch on Sept 9 Alongside iPhone 6

The largest market share in the wearable category is now held by Samsung's Galaxy Gear, according to WSJ. The Gear sells for about $350.

Other existing and upcoming smartwatches are priced anywhere between $100-$200. Apple pricing its iWatch at about $400 shouldn't come as a surprise: the company uses the ‘premium product' tag (occasinally, rightly so) to justify the product's pricing.

The question is, would a $400-wearable-gadget sell?

It would be too early to speculate on that. Why? Because according to the rumor mill, Apple might only show us the iWatch on September 9th. The actual iWatch release date (where the product is up on the shelves) might happen much later. Some analysts seem to think that the iWatch might not be up for sale till next year.

Different Price Points

Another point noted in the same report is that the iWatch will be available in different price points. That goes in line with earlier rumors about iWatch coming out in different versions/models. There are multiple variants (based on who you ask). Some rumors have hinted that the iWatch would come in two different sizes (targeted at men and women).

What do you think of the iWatch price? Whatever be the extraordinary features, would spending $400 on a wearable gadget be good/justified?