According to Re/code, Apple might be unveiling the iWatch alongside the iPhone 6 at the purported September 9 event. It’s interesting because we just had a lot of people saying that the iWatch isn’t coming till late this year (October) or even later.

Re/code doesn’t mention where the info comes from but the team’s got some real insider information (or they won’t be talking about it). The prediction can turn out to be true but we still don’t know when the iWatch release date would be. It’s only said that Apple would unveil/launch the iWatch on September 9.

iWatch Could Launch on Sept 9 Alongside iPhone 6

A launch does not guarantee that Apple will release the product soon.

A previous report from the same website talked about the media event on September 9, saying that Apple was most-likely to launch the next-gen iPhones at this media event.

Rumors about the iWatch have been floating since early last year with Bloomberg reporting about the hundred engineers at Apple working on a wearable gadget.

It looks very likely that the iWatch would come out very soon. Given the fact that there’s a lot of features in iOS 8’s Health app that require physical sensors (that correspond to wearable tech), the iWatch coming out in September seems quite plausible.

Nothing much is known about the iWatch though. The rumors and the speculation has been wild and fluctuating.

Thinner MacBooks in 2015

In other news, a Digitimes bulletin claims that Apple is gearing up for a thinner MacBook in Q3 2014 or early 2015. Components are being manufactured already, according to Taiwanese supply chain sources.

Just when you think how much thinner these MacBooks can get.

There is also some talk about a 12.9-inch iPad of late. One can clearly see where this could end up in: a merger between the MacBook and the iPad so you finally have a laptop-grade tablet where you can do all your work. Touchscreen laptops aren’t new but this sort of an implementation where the display screen is detachable will be.