Tim Cook said that 2014 was going to be an exciting year for Apple. KGI Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a considerably good track record of predicting a few things about Apple’s product launches/features correctly, says that Apple is going to have a massive product roll out in Q3 2014. Put two and two together and you get the idea of what’s in store.

iWatch, iPhone 6 – the 4.7″ one – and upgrades to iPad Air and iPad mini are all lined up for Q3 this year (July-September)  according to a new research note released by KGI Research, obtained by AppleInsider.

iWatch, 4.7 inch iPhone 6, 12 Inch MacBook Release Date in Q3 2014

In the research note, Kuo notes that Apple is gearing up for a very dense product launch: ranging from multiple styles of the iWatch (purportedly two sizes) to the larger iPad Air upgrade (12.9″ display). We’re not buying all of it and we’re definitely taking much of it with a grain of salt but coming from Kuo, who is known to have credible sources in the supply chain industry, it’s hard to dismiss these rumors immediately.

Expect an iWatch and a Large-screen iPhone 6 In Q3 Analyst Kuo Notes

Here’s a brief summary of the key points:

  • Q3 2014 should see a few important products being released/announced/launched: this includes the much-awated iWatch (Apple smartphone), the 4.7″ iPhone 6, and upgrades to iPad Air and iPad mini.
  • The iWatch was previously – and briefly – rumored to have two sizes (one for men and one for women). Kuo reinstates this rumor in the note. But interestingly, Kuo mentions that Apple would be targeting, not tech companies in the smartwatch sector (Pebble, Samsung), but the very fashion industries that produce high-end watches. Interesting. But hard to say how much water this holds. Apple should, if the rumors about iWatch’s health-centric approach is true, be targeting the likes of Nike+ Fuelband and Jawbone.
  • Discussions about a larger-screen iPhone 6 are being kept very much alive. Kuo believes that Apple will launch not one but two large-screen iPhones. The 4.7″ iPhone 6 is expected to follow the yearly launch cycle (September) but the 5.5″ iPhone 6 is expected to hit the shelves later in the year (Q4).
  • Kuo talks somewhat extensively about the 12.9″ iPad rumor, but here’s the deal: the note doesn’t believe that the larger iPad will be out this year. So all we have is “upgrades” to iPad Air and iPad mini in the third quarter.

There are few other points of interest in the note. A 12″ MacBook – part of the consistent rumors making the rounds – and an update to the Apple TV (which is facing the heat of competition from the Amazon counterpart) are part of the Q3 roll out. There’s an iMac upgrade/low-cost right near the end of Q2 (June, WWDC 2014?).

Yes, it’s all part of the “analyst reports” that the self-proclaimed Apple experts are now thrashing. I’m not pinning my hopes high on this one but Kuo got the gold iPhone 5s and the thinner, lighter iPad Air right last time. And some.

What do you think of the massive Q3 roll-out? Would Apple be announcing so many products at once?