According to Re/code’s John Paczkowski, Apple is hoping to launch the iWatch in October this year. “People familiar with Apple’s plans” appear to have mentioned that the tentative release date for iWatch would be October, and most likely launch after iPhone 6 is showcased.

The HealthKit feature that Apple debuted in iOS 8 apparently plays a vital role in the integration. iWatch would work along with the Health app to monitor fitness metrics.

iWatch Release Date in October

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There have been many rumors about the positioning of iWatch. The new Code/red report from Re/code puts an end to a lot of speculation about simultaneous release of iPhone 6 and iWatch.

A recent report from 9to5Mac pointed out the plug-n-play-like benefits of the HealthKit platform where it integrates with Bluetooth devices right off the bat without requiring additional code / infrastructure. That’s a good news for many health product developers. It doesn’t have much direct bearing on the iWatch but obviously, it would make use of this feature.

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The iPhone 6 is widely believed to debut in September this year. Eddy Cue, at the Code Conference, mentioned that “this is the best product line up in 25 years” without going into any specifics. Tim Cook, at an earlier AllThingsD conference, also noted that 2014 was going to be a terrifically exciting year for Apple.

The iWatch is definite, that much seems clear. It would take a couple of months before the actual spec begins leaking out.

Incidentally, another report surfaced from Nikkei Asian Review suggesting the same: iWatch in October. The report only mentions “industry sources” and that’s about as ambiguous as it can get. The Nikkei report says that the iWatch would have a curved OLED for display. A brief mention about iWatch’s speculative price is also mentioned, pointing out that Apple’s wearable would cost more than the industry average of $193.