Apple iWatch. As elusive as the idea sounds, the rumors still keep flooding our gates every day. Sometimes it's patent filings, sometimes it's concept designs. And irrespective of when the real product comes to the market, we're going to keep hearing about Apple iWatch in some form or the other for the next few weeks (till the iPad Mini 2 or iPad 5 rumors start afresh).

NYTimes Says that iWatch will have Flexible Screen and WSJ is saying that it would be NFC-Enabled. Read more.

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But beneath all the fluff and filler, there's something very interesting about the rumored product. iWatch, as a concept, surfaced quite a long time back. Wearable computing wasn't at its peak when the iPod Nano watch came into the market. We're still quite unsure of Apple's plans related to wearable computing but it's pretty clear – through the plethora of patent filings and grants – that Apple does indeed have a keen eye on wearable computing.

iWatch Could Launch on Sept 9 Alongside iPhone 6

But what would make the iWatch a killer product? I hear a lot of people actually criticize the very idea of an iWatch. “Who'd wear a watch, btw?” is something I hear often. But the track that Apple follows when making breakthrough products is strangely amazing.

The iPhone came at a time when touchscreens were generally considered less user-friendly than physical keypads. The iPad revolutionized the way people actually thought about large-screen displays that weren't laptops. And I'm guessing that the iWatch would do the same thing. Target a niche crowd and the whole world will follow suit.

Essential iWatch Features: Rumored, Expected and Wished

  • Curved Glass
  • Larger screen (than an iPod Nano)
  • Curved display
  • Retina Display (less chances of this)
  • Wireless Charging

One of the first iWatch features that our eyes are set on are curved glass. Corning said that the customers (of curved glass) will take about three years to implement them in their products but I beg to differ with the interpretation. Apple has the ability to adopt the tech in a very short time if it so chooses to. And that's precisely why I hope Apple gets to use curved glass (Willow) in its iWatch.

If you happened to look at the latest iWatch concept designs (from Edgar), you probably know that the thing looks like it could use some curved glass.

Seamless Integration Key Features:

  • Integration with apps
  • New protocols of connectivity between iWatch and other iOS devices
  • Faster Sync

One of the top priorities for the iWatch to actually be disruptive in terms of technology would be to integrate with my iPhone, iPad or iPod touch effectively. This would mean a tech beyond Bluetooth (or advanced versions of it). Undeniably, the key facet of the iWatch would be the ability to integrate with the apps and features of the iPhone. I'd like to answer my calls, sometimes reply to text messages, read them and control music playing through the iPhone/iPod through the iWatch.

The iWatch should reduce the number of times I have to pick my iPhone from my pocket to do something. That would be the key feature of an iWatch-like gadget.

Siri, Voice-control Key Features:

  • Siri. More powerful
  • Voice-based app access

Needless to say, voice-control is something we all are actively looking forward too. With the kind of tech advancement that Apple has shown in Siri , the focus on Siri and other voice-based control would be enormous.

The iWatch would feature a display that's particularly small. You can't expect users to keep tapping on it for long periods of time. Although a touch interface seems inevitable (don't forget the battery issues though), a voice-based focus is what I think would be Apple's plan.

Now that Siri is already becoming powerful – and reports show that more people use Siri for the usual tasks like sending a tweet, setting a reminder, opening an app, looking up something etc. – it would be a clean extension on the iWatch.

Apps: When it comes to apps, the iWatch would most likely have a few dedicated apps of its own. Like, say, a special messaging app or some perfected knock-off of the run tracking apps. Apple wouldn't necessarily have an iWatch – a disruptive tech of its own after long – without something to show it off. That something is mostly going to be dedicated apps designed specifically for the iWatch.

Battery: This is where it gets tricky. I'd love to see the iWatch feature an ultra powerful battery that lasts several days but I think that just won't happen if the features we talk of turn out to be a part of the iWatch. Apple has been struggling hard to fix the battery equation on its iPhone 5.

How Apple produces a battery small enough to fit the iWatch but large enough in terms of mAh capacity is something we'll have to wait and watch.

There are, as I see it, many more iWatch features that keep popping up. If you can think of other features for the rumored iWatch, share with us in the comments! In meantime you may like to refer iWatch release date rumors.