As we close in on the official D-day (Sep 9) when Apple is expected to announce both the iPhone 6 and the iWatch, more leaks about iWatch features are cropping up in the media.

Last evening, WSJ reported that the iWatch would be NFC-capable (just like the iPhone 6). The usual citation is ‘sources familiar with the subject’ – which has become all too common. NYT reports that the iWatch features a flexible screen (curved) along with some info reinforcing iWatch’s health-related capabilities.

iWatch Features NFC, Curved Screen, 8GB Storage and More

Flexible Screen, Health-Oriented

According to NYT’s sources, the iWatch is rumored to feature a flexible display. That means curved screen. Earliest rumors about iWatch hinted at this possibility. That this rumor re-surfaces at this point of time (close to the official announcement day) could mean that the iWatch really is made of a curved screen.

It has a flexible display panel that is protected by synthetic sapphire, which is tougher than glass, they said. – NYT.

It’s highly possible that the screen is made of sapphire glass as this offers more flexibility and strength over existing commercial technologies.

The report goes on to corroborate past speculations about iWatch features related to health and health-tracking.

…track movements and vital signs, like heart rate and footsteps, much more accurately than existing fitness devices, two employees said.

Another thing about the iWatch is that it will “rely heavily” on Handoff. The integration is going to be beyond what’s usually capable through Bluetooth.

Two Sizes, Gold-color Option: KGI

KGI Analyst Ming-chi Kuo has reiterated his earlier speculations about the iWatch. According to his analysis, the iWatch would be arriving in two sizes (1.3″ and 1.5″). We’ve written about this earlier.

He also posits that the iWatch might arrive in color options. Notably, the gold one. That could also be true because we’re looking at a premium product here, with a premium finish.

512 MB RAM, 8GB Storage

The analyst also hints at some iWatch specs. According to him, the iWatch might feature about 512 MB RAM (the same as in iPhone 5). For a tiny device whose screen size is expected to be about 1.5″, that’s a good spec. It wouldn’t be competitive in terms of numbers (Samsung stuffs its Gear with huge power) but as we’ve seen in the case of iPhones, Apple does make the best out of limited resources.


Finally, the NFC-features of iPhone 6 seem to be a part of iWatch too. WSJ notes that the iWatch would be making use of short-wireless – basically NFC – which would possibly help payments.