Apple iTunes is not just a software for your Apple devices, it’s a spinal cord that connects you and your device to the digital world.

If you are new to an Apple device, iTunes is an all-in-one platform for all your requirements like music, movies, podcasts and much more. And in case you are a history seeker and wish to expand your knowledge, the very first version of iTunes 1.0 was launched on January 2001.


In addition to that, the fact might surprise you that iTunes was not basically made by Apple. Instead, Apple purchased SoundJam MP, later renamed it as iTunes in 2000. Since then, iTunes has entertained millions of users worldwide.

As the name itself suggests, iTunes is designed to organize and manage music, movies and videos but it’s not limited to this features. There’s much more in stored, apart from music and movies. It also serves as a bridge between your iPhone/iPad and your PC. iTunes for PC is available on both platforms, i.e. Mac and Windows.

Features of iTunes:

You can use iTunes as your music player, or you can use it as music encyclopedia; choice is yours. It lets you search music on your Apple device or buy it from Apple music database. Explore new genre, artists and soundtracks out of millions of songs. If you have your library on your PC, simply sync it with your iPhone and you are all set to hit the dance floor. You even have an option to access free on-demand music channels designed by experts.

iTunes has a movie library of more than 85,000 films. You can buy or rent as per your needs. If you love to watch out of the box stuff, be sure to check the iTunes extra column, where you might find deleted content of a film. The most fascinating part of iTunes is you can watch purchased movie on any Apple device. So if your iPhone is running low on battery, you can just replace it with your iPad or your Mac PC.

TV Shows
Were you busy last weekend in a party and missed your favorite TV show? Relax, just tune in to your iTunes and simply download your missed episode. With over 300K TV shows, you’ll never miss any of your favorite episodes. You even have a flexibility to buy entire series, or few episodes.

If you are impressed by this, then Apple has got you some more surprises; you can even share your purchases with up to six members in your family. That means, when one member of family buys anything from iTunes, others can enjoy the same for free.

The fact might surprise you, but iTunes connect is used by developers as well, to manage their apps and games. iTunes is a bridge between you and a digital world, by all means.


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