How To Fix iTunes 12 Syncing Failures With iOS 8 – iOS 8.2

iOS 8 adoption rate has climbed to an unprecedented 77%. The recent increase in adoption rate proves that the latest iOS has been able to win the favour of iPhone and iPad users. However, despite all the highs the iOS 8 has received, a number of bugs such as, Touch ID being unresponsive and camera freezing have continued to mar its reputation.

Just recently many iPhone users reported to have encountered syncing issues with iTunes 12 after updating to iOS 8 -iOS 8.2. Syncing process gets stuck or simply becomes unresponsive while syncing data between iPhone and Mac or PC. Some users have even reported that even if they are able to sync data, it takes a lot of time. Media transfer too seems to have faced a stiff roadblock which prevents it from syncing efficiently. If you are also one of the users who have faced this annoying issue, here are some possible solutions that can help you resolve not just Wi-Fi syncing but also USB cable syncing bug.

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How To Fix iTunes 12 Syncing Failures With iOS 8-iOS 8.2Before running ahead with the process, it’s always advisable to backup your device. You should never forget to backup before updating or making any modification to the settings of your iPhone.

How to Fix iTunes 12 Syncing Failure Issues with iOS 8 – iOS 8.2

Note: Make sure to update your iPhone to the latest version. You can do so from SettingsGeneral → Software Update and also update iTunes to its newest version.

Step #1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC using USB cable (You need to do this even if you are using Wi-fi sync.)

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Step #2. Select your device from the top left menu.

Step #3. Uncheck “Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi” and check “Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected”. In the end make sure to click on Apply to effect the change.

Uncheck Sync with this iPhone over WiFiStep #4. Now, you will have to disconnect your iPhone from the computer, quit iTunes and restart your device.

Step #5. Once again connect your device to your computer and launch iTunes.

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Step #6. Select your device from the top left corner and tick mark the box Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi. Click on Apply in the end.

Check Sync with this iPhone over WiFiThat’s it! Hopefully, you would be able to sync your iPhone with iTunes comfortably.

How to Fix Music Syncing Issue with iTunes after iOS 8- 8.2 Update

Some iPhone users report that while syncing media with iTunes, it becomes too problematic. Music doesn’t sync at all. In other words, iTunes refuses to get along with the process. If you are facing this particular this issue here is a possible fix.

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Process #1. Deleting all your music can help solve this issue. Of course, it would require some effort to get the removed music back again but you would need to do it in order to resolve syncing failures. To remain on the safer side, back up your music and then move ahead with the process.

Step #1. Tap on Settings then general on your iPhone.

Tap on Settings Then General on iPhoneStep #2. Tap on Usage → Manage Storage under Storage.

Tap on Manage Storage on iPhoneStep #3. You should see the list of apps and view how much space a particular app consumes. Select Music app.

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Music App Storage on iPhoneStep #4. Tap on Edit from the top right corner.

Tap on Edit Music App Storage on iPhoneStep #5. Tap on the red button next to all songs and then tap on Delete.

Delete iPhone Music from StorageProcess #2.

Step #1. Connect your iPhone to computer.

Step #2. Select your device from the top left menu.

Step #3. Uncheck Sync Music and then click on sync.

Uncheck Sync Music in iTunesStep #4. Check mark Sync Music and then click on Apply.

Check Sync Music in iTunesThat’s it! In all likelihood, music should start syncing now without any problem.

Manual syncing is considered to be more viable as it has less chance of being hampered unlike Wi-Fi syncing. Of course, you have to go through some lengthy process while syncing manually but it’s more workable.

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