iTraq: Superior Cellular Tracking Device for iPhone and iPad

We have reviewed many gadgets such as, Lapa, Tile and Guardian that let you track your things on iPhone. While all of them were pretty useful to users, they came with too many limitations. The use of GPS and Bluetooth technologies didn’t help their cause much. Most of the gadgets required users to pay monthly fee or even recharge the battery quite often.

iTraq is a remarkable cellular tracking device for iPhone or iPad. Being developed as the most effective gadget to track your things, it is the world’s first global location device. As iTraq uses cellular towers to determine location, it can be located anywhere else in the world where cellular service exists.

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ITraQ Tracking Device for iPhone and iPad

Battery Life

iTraq can go on up to three years at one charge. Unlike most other power consuming devices, it doesn’t eat up battery. Hence, you don’t have to bother about recharging it quite frequently.

Cell-ID Technology

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It uses Cell-ID technology that lets you set up as to how often you want iTraq to report its location to you. You can set it to report you as per your desire such as, a few times in an hour or a day or even a month.

Lightweight Design that Looks Like a Credit Card

iTraq looks very similar to a credit card. Though it is as thick as five cards put together, you can easily attach it to anything. Designed to be lightweight, it won’t be a hindrance in letting you attach with any stuff.

With the use of adhesive strip which is supplied with it, you can hang it on the strap or even stick it on a flat surface.

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ITraq Lost and Find Device for iPhone Features

Scan Cellular Towers

iTraq provides you the exact location of your bag, child, car anything you have attached. As compared to other gadgets, it doesn’t use GPS. It uses a unique technology that scans nearby cellular towers. Hence, the more towers are in its proximity, the more transparently it determines the location.

Stays In Sleep Mode When Not In Use

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iTraq stays in sleep mode when not in use. It wakes up only when it has to send you the location as set by you on your iPhone or on the website. Once it has sent you the location after scanning the nearby towers, it goes into sleep mode again. That’s the secret of its going for so long without being charged time and again.

Assign As Many iTraqs As You Wish

It comes with an efficient mobile app that lets you activate iTraq as well as manage it comfortably. You can assign as many iTraqs to track location in the app as you wish. There is no limit of it at all. Moreover, you can assign a particular name to each iTraq and even set a separate alarm ringtone.

Guard Mode

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Guard Mode alerts you if iTraq goes beyond its designated area. You can set its radius on the map and be able to keep it focused. It’s really important because it gives you the freedom to not just keep a track of it but also control it.

The product is still under the development. So, if you are charmed by it, you will have to wait until June to put your hands on it.

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