iStonSoft’s iPhone Data Recovery Software

Losing iPhone data is one of those tough-luck situations no one wants to face. The problem with smartphones like iPhone is that we use it so much that most of our data is up there on the iPhone. Photos, videos, messages, notes, reminders, calendar events, and most importantly, contacts. Unless you sync to iCloud often and unless you take routine backups, you always run the risk of losing all data.

An iTunes backup can help you restore your device to the last backup but it doesn’t really make things very comfortable.¬†There are, of course, third-party software that do the trick. We’ve already seen stuff like TenorShare and then there’s this whole series from Stellar.

iStonSoft’s iPhone/iPad/iPod Data Recovery is a similar tool that helps you recover lost data. User reviews often say that this one digs deeper and finds photos that other recovery programs usually miss.

iPhone iPad iPod Data Recovery Software From iStonSoftiPhone iPad iPod Data Recovery Software From iStonSoft Preview

At its core, using iStonSoft’s iPhone Data Recovery tool is really simple. However, it looks like there’s one pre-requisite: you’ll need to have iTunes backup enabled. Not a big deal in most cases, this happens by default. If you have an iPhone (or any iDevice), you’re going to connect it to your computer and use iTunes. That way, iTunes will have recognized your iDevice.

What Can Be Recovered?

  • Photos and videos
  • Songs, tracks
  • Deleted SMSes
  • Contacts
  • Notes
  • Reminders
  • Call History
  • Calendar
  • Voice Memo
  • Safari related data

iStonSoft has both a Mac and Windows version that runs on the latest versions too. There’s a free version you can try but you’ll need to buy a license key to take restore-copies.

Buy iStonSoft iPhone Data Recovery Software

That’s all! Give it a try and do share your feedback with us in the comment below.

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