iStand 6: Perfect Blend of Battery Case and Dock for iPhone 6

iStand 6 is a battery case that comes with a charging dock and 3500 mAh battery. Ever since the release of iPhone 6, we have seen lots of battery cases released now and then. But today, we’ve got something extraordinary for iPhone 6 users and its iStand 6.

It is a simple battery case with a charging dock, a sleek design and thinner battery case available in the present market. So let’s see what makes iStand 6 battery case different from the other ones. Have a glimpse at the features of it:

iStand 6 iPhone 6 Case Features:

The iStand 6 battery case is available on Amazon at a price of $35.99. The battery case was previously crowd funded on Indiegogo which turned out to be a success.

The features are loved by the users around the world, and I am pretty much sure that this iPhone 6 battery case would. Let’s now see the features of iStand 6 battery case. Before that have a look at the introductory video to understand the working of the product.

3500mAh Battery:

iStand 6 has a built-in battery of 3500mAh which gives your iPhone a backup battery double as compared to the iPhone battery. The battery case will ensure that your iPhone 6 has a longer battery life. You charge your device pretty easily by using the charging dock.

Charging Dock:

The charging dock gives you a chance to adjust the position of your iPhone 6 while charging it. This will give you comfortable position to check your email, have a conversation through video calling, and use Facetime on your office desk when you are working and lot more.

SIM Card Storage:

Not many iPhone 6 battery cases come with an option of SIM card storage, and this is why iStand 6 is different from the other cases. If you often use multiple SIM cards for calling and wondering where to store an extra one, this case is the perfect solution for you.

Solid Protection:

Protection is always a major concern when you depend on the battery case to protect your iPhone 6. iStand 6 battery case is strong enough to protect your device wherever you carry. The case has been tested by dropping the iPhone 6 with case cover from a height of 1.1 meters. Watch the video know what happened after that:


If you ask me personally which battery cases will you prefer for your iPhone 6? My answer will be iStand 6. And the reasons are given above in the post. There are no second thoughts when you get these many features at a price of $35.99.

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That’s all, folks!

iStand 6 Battery Case for iPhone 6

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iStand 6 Battery Case for iPhone 6
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