There are quite a lot of wallet cases for the iPhone 5/5s. We've tried a few of these and one thing that has constantly bothered is that the iPhone wallet cases are bulky. And that makes a lot of difference for an otherwise light-weight smartphone.

On Indiegogo, there's a new iPhone 5/5s wallet case which appears to solve one big issue with wallet cases: bulk. Here's more about the all-new iShove iPhone 5/5s Wallet Case.

When Leon emailed us about iShove iPhone wallet case, I was kind of half-expecting “yet another” wallet case that was going to be bulky even if made in plastic. The iShove wallet case almost mimics the look of another wallet case that has been in the market: Otterbox iPhone 5/5s Commuter Series Wallet.

iShove Wallet iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s Case

But lo and behold: the iShove wallet case is obviously much thinner and probably (or naturally) lighter than any other wallet case that serves a similar function. The iShove wallet case has been designed to let you carry your iPhone 5/5s effortlessly, without feeling that you are carrying something “extra.”

The iShove is essentially a bumper case with a wallet tray attached on the back. As is shown in the image, you attach the bumper on the iPhone and then slip the wallet tray on the back.

iShove Wallet iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s Case Review

The thing about iShove wallet for iPhone 5/5s is that it's a very simple case but something that does its job very well. You want to carry those cards and a few wads of cash around: done. You want to protect your iPhone 5/5s from drops, accidental bumps on tables and walls: done. You want something that's light-eight and easy to use: done! That's iShove for you.

Easy To Use/Flip
Ease-of-use is an important factor when you shop for wallet cases. The primary purpose of a wallet case is to be able to carry cards and cash (and probably a little more) along with your iPhone – as a single unit. With a traditional wallet, you flip it out and pull the card. It should be as much simple with an iPhone wallet case too. But more often than not, it's not.

The iShove flip-tray makes it easy to access the cards and cash stashed inside the wallet case. The simple flip action opens the tray just enough so you can get the card out and keep it inside easily.

There is also a slot to fit your card into to make a stand out of. This is how it looks:

iShove Wallet Case for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s

Stores Good
Officially, you can store 4 cards, 3 bills and there's also a “secret compartment” where you can store a couple of keys or your meds or anything that fits. This particular part of the tray is only accessible when you completely remove the tray / wallet from the bumper.

If you carry only cards with your iPhone, you can store more. Or the same applies to bills too.

So how good is the bumper case? Technically, as good as most other good bumper cases on the market. The iShove Wallet is still at the funding stage in Indiegogo (a goal of $5500). At the time of writing this, there are 12 more days to fund the project.

We're excited about iShove wallet cases because these are really good: light-weight, thin and perfect. They're just about the right mixture of minimalism and sophistication.

Check out the project here or on their website.

The retail price of iShove Wallet case is about $59.99 but till the funding period, you can grab an iShove Wallet case for $39.00 (with free shipping). (Note: the $29 slot sold out on Indiegogo). Shipments are expected to begin December 2013.

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