Is Your iOS 6 WiFi Settings Greyed Out? Updated

Okay, when there is some option to tinker with, you can try every little switch to try fix the Wi-Fi issues we face on iOS 6. But what if Wi-Fi greys out completely? What do you do when the entire thing is disable?

Not quite surprisingly, a lot of users are facing this problem with their iPhones, iPads and even iPod Touch.

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iOS 6.0.1 Update

Apple has released iOS 6.0.1 with bug fixes for WiFi problems. iOS 6.0.1  improves reliability of iPhone when it is connected to encrypted WPA2 Wi-Fi networks so updating your device to iOS 6.0.1 may fix the WiFi issues.

You can update your device to iOS 6.0.1 using OTA update. Simply launch Settings -> General and then tap on Software Updates.

Change The Security

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iOS 6 WiFi Settings

It appears that for quite a lot of people, changing the security from WPA to WEP, or from TKIP to AES has worked well. Apparently, this must be a problem with iOS 6 trying to recognize, authorize and encrypt the network security settings.

We found this solution in a couple of forums where a few users tried this method and it worked.

Changing Router Settings

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Changing the router settings might seem really absurd but this again comes from serious testing. One user from the Apple forums says that changing the router settings (Network Mode) from N to G (or in simpler terms, don’t have it as MIXED) could resolve the slow or unresponsive Wi-Fi issues in iOS 6.


Change The Device

There are a few other methods to try but over the few days (the week, to be precise), we have seen an increasing number of frustrated people trying all these methods in vain. We covered a lot on the Wi-Fi issues in this post.

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One insanely successful method has been changing the whole device, getting it replaced from Apple. Of course, this works only if you are in the warranty period where Apple will fix the issue or replace your device for free.

New iPhone 5 facing the problem and new iPad 3rd-gen which were bought under an year ago are quite easily the devices you can get replaced if you are having the Wi-Fi issues.

Jignesh Padhiyar
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