Apple released an update for iOS yesterday. The update, iOS 7.0.6, comes within days of its recent update for Chinese iPhones (iOS 7.0.5). The content of the update says that it fixes a SSL connection verification bug.

The update seems to be quite important. But is the new iOS version jailbreakable? Turns out it is but you’ll need an updated version of evasi0n which should be out soon. But don’t wait. Someone’s got a solution already.

Jeff at iDB seems to have edited evasi0n 1.0.5 to include a hex that makes the jailbreak software work for iOS 7.0.6 devices too. So for users with a Mac, this edited version of evasi0n will jailbreak your iOS device. No sweat. Click here to skip to the jailbreak part.

Is iOS 7.0.6 Jailbreak-safe

But is the update particularly necessary? Can you afford to skip it?

SSL certificate verification holds a strong value for websites, specifically the ones that process payments. SSL certificates are also employed in apps that require authentication and payments. And it’s an important part. Verifying SSL certificates correctly (because there are a lot of fakes around) is tantamount to secure processing/transaction of data.

We don’t know the specifics but if you use your iPhone to make purchases and payments, you should update to iOS 7.0.6.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, backup all data via iTunes (preferably) / iCloud and then do a complete restore of the device via iTunes. Note that if you do an OTA update, you might run into troubles when you try to jailbreak.

After you’ve restored your device to iOS 7.0.6 via iTunes, restore data from the backup. Then, proceed to jailbreak.

How to Jailbreak iOS 7.0.6:

  • Download this file. (thanks to iDB!)
  • Connect your iPhone to the Mac (after you have updated the firmware to iOS 7.0.6)
  • Run the evasi0n file.
  • Click Jailbreak and follow the steps (typically, you have to unlock your iPhone and tap on the Evasi0n icon when you are asked to do so).
  • That’s it. iOS 7.0.6 should now be jailbroken. The new firmware doesn’t pose any compatibility issues with existing tweaks.