No matter which superhero you’d prefer, when there’s an Iron Man case for the iPhone 5, you sit up and take a look. Well, that’s what happened with me.

Update: Iron Man Cases are out of stock now.

Here’s a stolid iPhone 5case that looks like it belongs to Tony Stark’s garage filled with all the Mark suits. The iPhone case, made in picturesque red and yellow of the typical Iron Man suit even has a “nuclear” core. No, it doesn’t produce power. That would get too good to be true right now. But yes, it flashes.

Anyway, the Iron Man Mark VII case for the iPhone comes from Strapya World: the same guys who made some really spectacular and realistic iPhone cases like these. The Iron Man case is realistic too (these guys seem to be too good!) and if the Iron Man really had an iPhone case, this would probably be like it.

Ironman iPhone Case

This case doesn’t look like it’s all just form and no function. Here are some cool things:

  • The case wraps the iPhone completely. But when it’s time to click pictures on the iPhone, you can snap the piece near the camera and it opens up to reveal an opening for the camera. Yes, kind of very much like a robotic thing.
  • If you switch on LED alerts (via Settings, General), the LED flashes every time you get a call or message. Incidentally, the case has a translucent plastic panel which is right over the LED. Which means, when you get an alert,the case looks as if it’s flashing the core. Amazing.
  • The case can be fit on very easily. From the video, it looks quite durable too.

The case is an Iron Man 3 special edition accessory and being a limited edition thing, there are going to be about 20 units only. Pre-order your case right away. May be Strapya would change their plans and produce more of these. They’re going to sell this like hot pancakes.

Launch date: Mid-June
Price: $46.00

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