How to Fix iPhone XR Won’t Charge: 8 Solutions to Fix the Issue


A handful of users have reported that their iPhone XR is not charging. While some face the age-old “Accessory not certified” error, others encounter a problem where the device simply fails to detect the charging cable. Moreover, in some cases, the iPhone automatically disconnects from charging. In this troubleshooting guide, we have suggested some helpful solutions that can fix the “iPhone XR won’t charge” problem. Let’s give them a try to get rid of the issue!

iPhone XR Not Charging? Tips to Fix the Issue

Quick Access:

Clean Up the Lightning Port

First things first, be sure the Lightning port is clean or for that matter free of lint. Believe it or not, dirt does get stuck in the port and starts creating problems. As it remains out of sight, we often find it hard to blame. Use a normal toothpick to clean the Lightning port of your iOS device. After the cleanup, try charging the device. If things return to normal, you are good to go!

Kill All The Running Apps and Also Stop Media While the iPhone XR is Charging

Is your iPhone charging rather slowly? If yes, make sure all the apps are closed and also be sure to stop video/music so that the device can charge with the needed peace of mind. Times when I find my iPhone not getting juiced up faster, this is one of the reliable tricks that I use to speed up charging. There is one more simple trick that I use to accelerate charging – enable Airplane mode. Yeah, if you can avoid calls and messages for some time, try it out as well.

Force Restart Your iPhone XR

At times, even if the iPhone shows charging status, it doesn’t charge at all. If you are facing this problem, hard reset your device. As this is an age-old troubleshooter for many common problems, it would be wise to give it a go as well. Press and release the volume up button, press and release the volume down button. Then, hold down the side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Sticky Note:

  • Another trick that can go a long way in fixing the sluggish charging of the iPhone XR is getting rid of the rogue apps. Wiping out the useless ones can also prove to be helpful. Just in case you are wondering why you need to clean up all those rogue apps, let me tell you that they not only capture plenty of space but also eat into battery life. Not to mention, the outdated apps may also compromise the security of your data.
  • So, delete all those unwanted apps and then restart your device. Once your device has rebooted, try charging it again.

Getting Accessory Not Certified Popup on iPhone XR

The accessory isn’t supported or certified” popup mostly appears when you are using a fake charger. However, it also shows up when the accessory is defective or damaged. Ensure that the charging cable and USB adapter aren’t damaged. If it’s bent or damaged, don’t use it. Try charging your device with another cable.

Check out the below roundups to buy a new charging cable:

Side Note:

  • It’s no secret that the wall power outlet charges your device a bit faster and also more efficiently. So, try charging the device using a wall charger.
  • When you are charging your device through a computer, ensure that it’s not in sleep mode. Also, make sure not to use the USB ports on your keyboard to charge your device.

Can’t Charge Your iPhone XR Wirelessly

If you can’t power up your iPhone wirelessly, make sure the case that you are using is compatible with wireless charging. Many cases like ring holder cases, magnetic, magnetic and heavy-duty covers and more don’t support Qi-wireless charging. Also, be sure to remove things like credit cards, security badges, passports, and key fobs from your case to allow wireless charging to work properly. Besides, make sure to place your device correctly on the wireless charging mat or stand.

Disable Optimized Battery Charging on iPhone XR

iOS 13 comes with a new feature known as “Optimized Battery Charging”. What it basically does is slow the rate of battery aging by cutting down the time the device spends fully charged. iPhone uses machine learning to understand your daily charging routine and waits to finish charging past 80% when it assumes that it will be connected to a charger for long.

Though from the perspective of improving the lifespan of the battery it’s a very helpful feature, some people may want to have complete control over charging, If it’s the case with you, disable it to charge your device up to 100% without any stoppage. Open Settings app → BatteryBattery HealthOptimized Battery Charging.

Disabling the Optimized Battery Charging on iPhone 11

Disable USB Accessory on iPhone XR

iOS has a security feature called “USB Restricted Mode” that prevents any accessory from connecting to the iPhone if it hadn’t been unlocked for more than one hour. As a result, every time you want to charge your device (when it hadn’t been unlocked for more than one hour), you will be asked to enter the passcode to allow the USB accessory to connect to the device.

From a security perspective, it’s very helpful. However, it does seem inconvenient. Oh, not to mention, if you are someone who often just connects the iPhone to a charging cable and leave the device to charge, it may become a hindrance. To disable it, open Setting appFace ID/Touch ID & Passcode. Now, turn off the switch next to USB Accessories.

Tap on Settings then Face ID on iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, or iPhone XR

Disable to USB Accessories in iOS 12

Don’t Fail to Update Your iPhone XR

Do I need to elaborate on why it’s a must to keep the iPhone updated? Apple keeps fine-tuning the performance of iOS by eliminating bugs and enhancing performance. So, whenever a new iOS update hits your device, upgrade to it without any fail as it could well be the answer to many issues including this one. Open Settings appGeneralSoftware Update. Now, you know what to do, don’t you?

Tap on Software Update in iOS 13 Settings App on iPhone

Wrapping Up…

As the above-mentioned solutions have often worked for me in resolving the charging issue on my iPhone, I guess they haven’t disappointed you either. While defective accessory tends to be one of the main villains behind charging issues, ruling out lint and software bug isn’t wise. That’s why I have suggested all the possible fixes for the “iPhone XR won’t charge” problem.

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