iPhone X vs OnePlus 6: 5 Top Reasons Why Apple’s Flagship is Still a Better Shot

iPhone X vs OnePlus 6 battle looks really appealing. But guess what? Apple's magnum opus still runs away with the trophy by a fairly big margin. Have a glance at the top 5 possible reasons!

Every time a new Android smartphone is launched, everyone puts it head-to-head against Apple’s best ever smartphone “iPhone X“. And the face-off between iPhone X vs OnePlus that seems to have rocked the Internet for the past few days is no different at all.

Let’s face it, OnePlus has always produced flagship killers, and its latest iteration seems to have perfectly hit the jackpot. With the nearly edge-to-edge display, impressive design and top-of-the-line specs, OnePlus 6 does have almost all the features up its sleeve to take on the beast in the business. But has the device got enough to dethrone iPhone X from the numero-uno position?

iPhone X vs OnePlus 6: Apple’s Magnum Opus iPhone Still Enjoys Clear Edge

Despite all the eye-catching specs, iPhone X is still a cut above the rest. And OnePlus’ latest smartphone has to do some catch-up work to beat Apple’s most ambitious smartphone. These are major reasons that make iPhone X superior to OnePlus 6.

True Edge-to-Edge Display

iPhone X, arguably, has the best edge-to-edge display. As compared to OnePlus 6’s display, the iPhone’s screen is bezel-less. Look at the eye-shore bezel at the bottom on the OnePlus device. It doesn’t look good at all. Every time I have a glance at the screen, the bottom bezel comes calling to the eyes.

Have a glance at the iPhone’s display. It goes almost all the way to the top and bottom. The only blemish it seems to have is the “Notch”. Had it not been there, the display would look flawless.

Moreover, by copying iPhone X’s notch, OnePlus hasn’t brought anything new!

Far Better Camera

iPhone X has a clear edge when it comes to camera quality. The stunning “portrait mode” on Apple’s device is truly enviable. Whether it’s the ability to snap gorgeous photos with DSLR-like blur effect or superb videos, the iPhone seems to have run away with the trophy by a big margin.

“There isn’t really a situation where I haven’t been impressed by the camera on the iPhone X. In low light, it produces clean, crisp images with minimal noise, and it doesn’t resort to overexposing light sources.

It’s great for portraits, too, especially with the vastly improved secondary camera and the constantly evolving Portrait mode. The wider aperture and added OIS mean you can now take portraits even with when the light isn’t great, with excellent results.” Trusted Reviews

Unmatched Face ID

How can you take your eyes away from the “Crown Jewel”? Face ID makes iPhone X still a year ahead of their Android counterparts. Powered by 3D technology, it’s the gold standard for facial recognition technology. The simple face unlock on OnePlus 6, and any other smartphones can’t even come close to it; let alone having an intense battle.

As we are moving towards a world where more advanced face unlock seems to be on top of the radar, fingerprint scanner appears to be a thing of the past. And it’s only Apple’s magnum opus that flaunts the best facial recognition technology.

“The technology that enables Face ID is some of the most advanced hardware and software that we’ve ever created. The TrueDepth camera captures accurate face data by projecting and analyzing over 30,000 invisible dots to create a depth map of your face and also captures an infrared image of your face. A portion of the A11 Bionic chip’s neural engine — protected within the Secure Enclave — transforms the depth map and infrared image into a mathematical representation and compares that representation to the enrolled facial data.” Apple

Much Talked About Speed

Yeah, I’m fully aware that OnePlus 6 has got better speed than iPhone X and even Samsung Galaxy S9. But don’t look at the result right now. We all know how sluggish most Android devices become when the dust finally settles on.

Besides, putting an all-new beast against a year-old device is not fair at all. Let the iPhone 2018 arrive before going on to talk about the real speed. And by the way, iOS device’s flair has continued to be one of the biggest flashpoints for ages.

Personally, I wouldn’t buy too much into speed as the iPhone X still runs in top gear. And the apps run with incredible smoothness on it. So, there is nothing much into this contest.

And Yes, iPhone X Has iOS!

You can’t keep iOS away from the conversation that’s related to iPhone. Though this makes it a classic iOS vs Android battle, it’s no secret that the people who prefer performance and high security go with the former. Therefore, iPhone X seems to be a clear winner in this contest.

Besides, if you have Apple’s device, you will get latest iOS updates for up to 5 years. That means, even if your device gets old, you can continue to rock the newest OS!

Mind It…Every Good Thing Comes with a Price

There is so much about the price! Without an iota of doubt, OnePlus 6 packs way higher punch than its price and certainly a great pick for the folks who wish to have a killer performance without costing an arm and a leg.

But iPhone X, with all the glamor, is the darling of millions. Hadn’t it be the case, you wouldn’t have seen so many Android smartphones flaunting an iPhone X-like notch!

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