Still Think iPhone X Not Having A Great Run at Sales Chart? Look Around!

Having reigned supreme on the sales chart right from the day one and compelled almost every smartphone vendor to embrace the "Notch," iPhone X's dream run still continues. Those who don't see it are perhaps living in an altogether different universe!

iPhone X had a dream run during the holiday season with sales breaking several previous records. However, the radically designed smartphone didn’t have the same success when the gala season went by. No sooner had the sales come down a bit than many virtually declared the device a big dud.

Worse, the rumors about the cancellation of the iPhone X had also started getting a lot of traction. Seeing such a dramatic turnaround, I was left wondering what happened to the smartphone and what actually took the shine away from it so soon…

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iPhone X Dream Run Still Continues Beyond the Sales Chart

“iPhone X Seems to Have Inspired the Entire Smartphone Industry with Everyone Else Seems to Be Completely Enamored By Its Design. Wonder Who Is Still Saying It’s Not Ruling the Roost!”

When I was in search for the reasons that may have played a big part in cutting the sales, out came pretty good news reading Q4 2017 global smartphone sales value spiked thanks to the iPhone X. Knowing how big the initial phase was, I wasn’t surprised to see that news. It just gave me a bit of full proof about the early success of the device.

“GfK didn’t comment on vendors, but it can’t be a coincidence that Q4 2017 also marked the first time the £1,000 iPhone X went on sale. Yes, there are other expensive flagship smartphones out there too, but that was the biggie. Some early vendor numbers from Canalys, which derives its data from further up the smartphone channel, indicate Apple managed to flog a nice lot of Xs – 29 million to be precise.”Telecoms

iPhone X Sales Chart 2017-Q4

Around the same time, I saw a gang of Android smartphones with iPhone X-like notch in readiness. From Vivo, Oppo, Huawei to LG to several known or not-so-known smartphone vendors seemed to have completely lapped the exclusive design. To be honest, they look the blatant copy of Apple’s flagship device.

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Just like many users, I didn’t find the notch so cool at least initially. Though I had more or less made peace with it, I would often wish it to go away. But when I saw so many look-alikes, I thought the entire industry had come to a standstill with everyone else trying to steal the design that was blasted by many as a huge design flaw—not so long ago! It, sort of, reaffirmed Apple’s position as the trendsetter.

Still Reigns Supreme

Despite the unexpectedly low sales, the iPhone X was still the best-selling smartphone model in the first quarter of 2018. According to Strategy Analytics, Apple sold 16 million units of the iPhone X in the three months of this year. With 4.6 percent market share, it was the most popular device during the quarter by a significant margin.

The smartphone was followed by iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus with 12.5 million and 8.3 million sales respectively.

“The iPhone X became the best-selling smartphone model in the first quarter of 2018. Apple shipped 16 million units of the iPhone X in the three months ended March 31, according to a study released by Strategy Analytics Thursday. It captured 4.6 percent market share of all models shipped in the quarter. The iPhone X was closely followed by Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus which shipped 12.5 million and 8.3 million units, respectively. And then the iPhone 7 with 5.6 million units.”CNBC

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Android P Just Steals iPhone X Like Gesture

Google has just announced Android P with several impressive features. But the one that’s getting a lot of attention is the iPhone X-like gesture. Yeah, it’s the same that you use to switch between apps and even force-quit apps on the iPhone X.

Wrapping up

Personally, I’m really glad to see this hot gesture on Android. It’s going to definitely offer seamless user-experience. But the one thing that’s still stuck my mind is the so-called disappointing sales of the iPhone X.

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If the low volume can sound so amazing, imagine what would have been the case if there were high volume powered by a heavy bass!

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