iPhone X Reviews by Well-known YouTubers

By and large, iPhone X reviews are very positive. Find out what the experts have to say about Apple’s magnum opus!

As expected, iPhone X reviews are very encouraging. Everyone who has put their hands on the iPhone has adored its features and given the smartphone a big thumbs up.

Haters are going to hate but the iPhone X is already off the charts and all set to create a new record as far as numbers are concerned. If you are planning to buy the new iPhone and wish to find out what the experts think of the device before going for the kill, have a quick look at these hands-on reviews of iPhone X.

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iPhone X Reviews from Well-known YouTubers

Steven Levy, who was one of the four pre-release reviewers of the original iPhone in 2007, has given his hands-on review of the iPhone X.

Levy has praised the “Super Retina” 5.8-inch OLED display in the body of a phone only slightly larger than a 4.7-inch iPhone 8. He said that it was “greatly pleasurable” to watch a movie, stream a football game, or just swipe through Instagram on the iPhone X. He has also appreciated the new iPhone X swipe gestures that replace the home button.

“There’s plenty to admire in the iPhone X straight from the unboxing. The biggest change stares you in the face: that screen, that screen. I love the larger displays of the iPhone Plus line and Android units like Google’s Pixel 2 XL, but the phones are too frickin’ big. They are bulky in my pocket, and making calls is like holding a frying pan to your cheek. The iPhone X is a big screen in a compact form factor—Cinerama in a phone booth.” – Steven Levy

Talking about Face ID, Levy says that it works “pretty much;” adding that he could not fool his iPhone X into being unlocked by other people, or photo of his face.

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He further added that there were moments when Face ID wouldn’t unlock for him.

“Does it work? Pretty much. It seems reliable at fending off intruders. I have thrust my phone into several people’s faces—though considerably fewer than the million punims that Apple says I’d have to try before a false positive—and it has not fallen for any of them. I even offered up my own headshot to the camera: no go.

How it has dealt with my own real-life face is another matter. There have been times when, despite a clear view of my face, the iPhone X has ghosted me. (Apple tells me that perhaps I wasn’t making what the iPhone X considers eye contact. I wouldn’t want it to turn on every time my face was within camera range, would I?)”

Mark Watson, aka Soldier Knows Best, is very impressed with the iPhone X’s design and performance. However, he has stated that the new swipe-up gestures for unlocking the device and multitasking will take some time to get used to.

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iPhone X Review by Mark Watson

Sam Beckerman has given an exclusive hands-on look at the new iPhone X. She talks about her ten favorite features like Face ID, Animoji, Portrait Lighting Mode, etc. of the device.

iPhone X Review by Sam Beckerman

Brian Farmer and Noah Thomas, who are from lifestyle website Highsnobiety, have shared their review about the iPhone X. In the five-minute long video, they have talked about Animoji, 4K video playback at 60 FPS, Face ID, front-facing Portrait Mode, wireless charging as well as other significant features of the smartphone.

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Brian Farmer and Noah Thomas iPhone X Review

BooredAtWork.com’s executive editor Enobong Etteh has found iPhone X very exciting. He said that the device is one of the best looking iPhones ever. From Face ID, design, display to Animoji, his hands-on review has touched upon all the important points.

Enobong Etteh iPhone X Review

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