Don’t get me wrong! If I have fallen in love with iPhone again, the entire credit goes to iPhone X. The smartphone is an awesome piece of engineering and certainly one of the best products Apple has ever rolled out. But the device is still not perfect. It has slightly missed out the mark of a grand product. Taking the miss-hits into account, there are five things, which I’d like to see in the arsenal of iPhone X Plus features.

I have jotted down the features based on my experience with the iPhone X. I believe their addition can add more fire and fluid to Apple’s magnum opus. More after the jump…

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iPhone X Plus Features Wishlist

iPhone X Plus Features Wishlist

Don’t want that Ugly Notch Anymore…

I know most of you might have settled with the notch by now. To a large extent, I have also made peace with it. However, there are times when it seems to be nothing but a prickling while watching videos.

The notch may be extremely pivotal for the TrueDepth camera and Apple, most likely, wouldn’t go for its removal as yet. But believe me, I have recently developed an itch that just doesn’t want it on the smartphone.

“It’s a move that has generated a lot of discussions online, both during the leaks and after Apple’s official announcement. Some say “Steve Jobs would have never let that happen,” while others have mocked it by creating a “notch mode” for Chrome that adds a black cut-out to every YouTube video. There’s a mix of surprise, sarcasm, and intrigue that Apple has chosen to go with a screen layout that leads to design compromises.”The Verge

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Initially, I disliked the Notch so much that I had to use wallpaper to hide it. I would still not call it a design flaw but rather request the tech giant to make some adjustment so that the screen is perfectly edge-to-edge.

Reinforce the Body to Survive Bumps

Simply put, iPhone X doesn’t have the strength to survive even minor bumps; forget about nasty drops. The addition of glass back has made it more fragile. In a drop test, when the device was dropped from the height of three feet, the glass at the corner of the phone cracked on the very first time.

And in a face test, phone’s screen and TrueDepth sensor array became completely unresponsive after being dropped from the height of just six feet. It just goes on to show that the device must be kept with a lot of care and needs a solid case to remain shielded against normal falls.

“Consumer electronics site CNET ran a drop test from a height of three feet. The glass at the corner of the phone cracked on the very first test, which dropped the phone on its side. A second test dropped the phone on its face, leading to even more fractures.

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A more extreme drop test from SquareTrade showed damage to functionality as well. The face test dropped the phone from six feet onto its front, and the phone’s screen and TrueDepth sensor array became unresponsive. A drop from the same height that landed the phone on its back shattered the glass back. The side drop test in the same conditions also rendered the screen inoperable.”ars Technica

Though I really appreciate the design of the iPhone X, I want it to be strong enough to come out of normal drops unscathed. Due to the high breakability, I’m always concerned about the phone even if I have put it inside a rock-solid case. Imagine the situation for those having butterfingers!

USB-C Port… Please…

It’s high time Apple included USB-C port on its iPhone. Lightning port is outdated and should be scrapped sooner than later.

While the rest of the world is embracing fast and more efficient charging solution, we are still stuck with a slow-moving charging. Though the new iPhones do support fast charging, you have to buy both a Lightning-to-USB-C cable and a USB-C Power Delivery-compatible charger. And for that, you will have to spend over $50. It’s really frustrating; to say the least. It feels like a heavy machine is making numerous holes to my already empty wallet. And I have no other option but bear the brunt…

With MacBook already having USB-C, it’s apt to have it on the iPhones as well. After all, who wouldn’t want to charge iPhone and MacBook Pro with the same cable?

Can I have A 3,500mAh Battery?

iPhone X does have a solid battery which is fully capable of running the whole day and still have some juice left in the tank to let you comfortably sail through your WhatsApp, Twitter and some web-browsing time before you hit the bed. But the battery won’t survive until the evening if you catch up your daily dose of GOT series or play some high-octane games.

Though Apple has always been reluctant for a more powerful battery, I’m still hoping for a robust 3,500mAh battery. It would just offer me more freedom to watch Netflix videos or play power-packed car racing gaming without being worried too much about the battery of my device.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

I’d be really glad to use PiP on iPhone X Plus. Many a time I feel that edge-to-edge display can be best utilized to bolster productivity. Wouldn’t it be really cool if we can watch videos while iMessaging?

Agreed, the multitasking features like Split View, Slide-Over are best suited for larger devices. But if you wish to take the utmost advantage of the ultra-large all-screen display, it’s high time you brought them on the iPhone. Else there is no need to have such a real huge state.

Your Wishlist?

So, these are major features, which I’d love to have in iPhone X Plus. I wish they came true!

What are the features you’d like to see on the upcoming iPhone? Do let us know them in the comments below.

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