Best iPhone X/Xs Cases in 2020 – Which One Should You Choose?

Looking to buy just the right case that suits your iPhone X or iPhone Xs as well as your personality? We’ve covered 55 cases across 11 categories, like Leather Cases, Wood Cases, Waterproof Cases, and Cases for Women. Read our expert reviews with details on the look and feel, protective features and other functionalities for each case!

This article can help you avoid such rookie mistakes. We have done the heavy lifting for you to give you a detailed overview of the different categories of iPhone X and iPhone Xs cases, where we have identified the most popular cases (based on impartial Amazon user reviews) and given you a breakdown of the list of features you should consider. So read on and make an informed choice for your favorite new toy!

50 Best iPhone X and Xs Cases Ever in 2020

Best iPhone X and Xs Wallet Cases

Best iPhone X Wallet Cases

Functioning as a billfold and an iPhone case, this category of iPhone cases are for those who don’t want to carry around a wallet in addition to a phone. The flip and fold model allows you to tuck a few bills in and perhaps your credit card and IDs. So the next time you leave in a hurry, all you have to do is grab your phone, and you have everything you need.

Even if you do choose to drop it in your handbag, it occupies far lesser space. Just a quick heads-up here – remember to take your cards out while using the wireless charger; it can potentially harm your cards and render them useless.

Pros: Saves space, highly functional and comes in classy finishes.

Cons: It can damage the magnetic strip or chip your credit cards during wireless charging, which means you’d need to remove them every time you charge.

Who is it for?

Wallet cases are perfect for the minimalists – those who don’t want to be weighed down carrying multiple items. It is also ideal for the absent-minded folks. Next time you forget your wallet at home, don’t worry – your iPhone case has you covered.

Top Wallet Cases for iPhone Xs lists more than 500 results for “wallet cases iPhone X.” Clearly, all of them are not popular. Here are the top 5 wallet cases that you can choose from for your iPhone.

#1. Mujjo Slim Wallet Cover

Mujjo iPhone X-Xs Wallet Case

Look and Feel: Crafted from genuine and premium leather, the look and feel of the case are classy and feels smooth while holding. The stitches of the pocket on the back add to the beauty of the case.

Protection: The leather edges are slightly raised around the display, delivering protection to the screen from scratches. Besides that, microfibre material inside the case doesn’t scratch the iPhone.

Other functionality: Unlike folio cases, this one has a pocket for cards or ID on the back. It can hold 2-3 cards in a single pocket.

Verdict: If you are looking for a minimalist wallet case without folio design, this case wins the race.

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#2. Maxboost Wallet Case Cover

Maxboost Case for iPhone X

Look and Feel: Designed from PU leather, this iPhone X case comes in solid colors and is made to last. It has the bill and card slots in the front and is specifically crafted to be thin. The solid black color and rose gold are the two most popular color options and definitely look elegant.

Protection: The cover offers protection on all four corners and from the back as well. Though the case does not have a wristlet tag, it has a front magnetic fold that holds the cover closed firmly.

Other functionality: This case comes with a kickstand or a horizontal stand for hands-free entertainment. And yes, it is also wireless charging compatible.

Verdict: Robust, classy phone. It is overwhelmingly popular, with over 240 customers choosing it.

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#3. Luxury Pocket Book from Pad & Quill

Luxury Pocket Book iPhone X Wallet Case from Pad and Quill

Look and Feel: Saying Luxury Pocket Book is a premium wallet cover for iPhone X seems quite an understatement. The full-grain American saddle leather along with precision milled Baltic birch wooden cradle gives it a rich and professional appearance.

Protection: Even on the protection front, Luxury Pocket Book is up to the mark. So, you can trust the wallet cover to shield both the OLED display and the dual-camera to stay protected.

Other functionality: The leather wallet case comes with five inner pockets wherein 5-7 cards can be comfortably installed. Another notable feature that makes it so impressive is the compatibility with wireless charging. So, there is no need to take the pain of removing the leather cover every time you want to kickstart charging.

Verdict: For those who want a top-of-the-line leather suit, Luxury Pocket Book is easily the best contenders in the market. Whether it’s craftsmanship or the unique combo of wood and full-grain leather, it’s got the quality to stand out in the crowd.

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#4. QIALINO Slim Wallet Case

QIALINO Case for iPhone X

Look and Feel: Made of genuine leather, this wallet case has two slots in the back for your card and folded bills. It is extremely soft to touch and the design is sleek. Since it does not have a flap on top, the phone case is less bulky.

Protection: Made to withstand bumps and has extra protection around the corners. This has a raised lip too – for extra protection for the top screen.

Other functionality: Design does not come with a horizontal stand for viewing. But it is compatible for wireless charging. Remember to remove the cards from the back before charging!

Verdict: Rated a 4.8 on 5 by 30 customers; it is easy to see why this sleek design is favorable. If you want real leather, with the sleek design, this is the phone case for you.

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#5. Dockem Credit Card Holder Wallet Case

Dockem iPhone X Wallet Case

Look and Feel: Made from premium synthetic leather, the case looks and feels great! It comes in four attractive colors – Black, Grey, Black and Grey, and Brown. The finish is excellent and it has two card slots at the back.

Protection: Probably offers better protection than the regular run-of-the-mill rubber cases. The edges of the case a slightly raised, giving enough protection to the display and the camera when you place it on the desk. It also resists to normal shocks and bumps.

Other Functionality: It is wireless charging compatible. It also lets you work for contact cards – allowing you to swipe in and swipe out without taking your card out of the slot at the back. No horizontal stand for viewing though.

Verdict: This cover effortlessly combine style and functionality. The leather is also easy to maintain, without compromising on the functionality.

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Best iPhone X and Xs Bumper Cases

Top iPhone X Bumper Cases

Designed to be shockproof, bumper cases come with a solid protection frame around the corners of the iPhone. Depending on the design you choose, it can either have a transparent base (to highlight the innate design of your uber-expensive new iPhone) or have the back completely covered.

Bumper cases are typically hard cases, made of PU and have a raised (bumper like) edge fully embracing the phone. Don’t worry – it will still allow you to access your ports and camera without hindrance. The hard shell is specifically designed to withstand drops and shocks.

Pros: Maximum protection for your precious phone.

Cons: Though some models are wireless compatible, it has no additional functionality so to speak. It does not include a back stand or a front cover. Also, since the hard shell goes all around the phone, it can make it look bulky and distract you from the inherent style of your iPhone.

Who is it for?

Choose the bumper case if you are thinking of protection first, for your phone. It definitely values functionality over looks/style. If your phone is prone to slipping from your hands (or pocket), a lot more frequently, it is a great option to choose. It is also perfect for parents with enthusiastic toddlers and travelers who need more protection for their precious gadgets.

Top Bumper Cases for iPhone XS

#1. Vinve Bumper Cover

Vinve iPhone X-Xs Bumper Case

Look and Feel: This bumper case has a clear back, allowing to flaunt the Apple Logo beautifully. It is incredibly slim, doesn’t feel like having a case at all. Most cases hinder the beauty of iPhone; this adds to it.

Protection: The back of the case is made from ultra-clear PC material, which is firm yet slim. It protects the back of the iPhone from scratches, dust, and dirt. Apart from that, the TPU bumper absorbs standard shocks and bumps.

Other Functionality: The case has precise cuts wherever required, delivering complete access to all ports and functions of the iPhone X.

Verdict: The case effectively protects the device, and on top of that, it doesn’t hide the natural beauty of the iPhone X. It’s a great plus.

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#2. GOLINK Marble Design Bumper Cover

GOLINK Bumper Case for iPhone X

Look and Feel: Hard to touch, with a marble back design, the shiny surface definitely draws attention to your iPhone X. Though it is crafted to be smooth, it is not slippery and makes your phone look extremely different.

Protection: The flexible TPU material makes it easy to install or remove the case. Also, it is protects the device from normal shock and bumps. It has a raised lip that protects not just the phone, but also the camera from scratches.

Other Functionality: Fits your iPhone like a glove – with the cutouts in the phone exactly where you need them. It is compatible with wireless charging without you having to remove the case every time.

Verdict: It has a 300+ rating with an average of 4.3 out of 5 on Amazon. Given the functionality and the quality of the product, it is worth giving a try.

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#3. ESR Metal Frame Bumper Cover

ESR iPhone X Bumper Case

Look and Feel: A hard case with a clear back, it still has black edges that go all around the side of your iPhone X. Therefore, it is different from other clear cases – though it allows you to flaunt your iPhone to the full. Even though it is a hard case, the buttons on the side are extra-sensitive, thus giving you seamless user experience.

Protection: It boasts hybrid protection – with the elasticity of TPU (that is what the bumper is made of) and the anti-scratch properties of coated PC. It is definitely shockproof and the raised rim gives the screen the protection it needs.

Other Functionality: Totally compatible with wireless charging, this phone comes with good access to all the ports on your phone. It also works well with a screen shield and gives it enough room.

Verdict: 160 customers on Amazon have agreed that this phone deserves a 4.8 out of 5 rating. It has great quality at a reasonable price and allows you to show off your phone color.

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#4. MILPROX Rubber TPU Bumper Cover

MILPROX Bumper Case for iPhone X

Look and Feel: True to its name, this case does catch your eye. It comes in black, grey or red colors and has a transparent back that still showcases the original design of the phone. It is hard to touch and hold but does not bulk up the phone unnecessarily.

Protection: Complete bump protection for your phone with a two-layer hybrid design, including the TPU and the air cushion on the sides. It also comes with the sensible upper lip rim to ensure that your phone does not come in contact with flat surfaces (even when placed faced down).

Other Functionality: Compatible with wireless charging docks, this phone is watermark resistant and does not turn yellow over time. It also has a 185-day warranty – if you are not happy, you get your money back!

Verdict: Rated a good 4.8 out of 5 stars by the 48 customers who have reviewed it; this phone case is a good bet for your phone. The back is also smooth enough to put a pop-socket in it. The sides are flexible and if you are looking for shock-proof protection for your phone, this is a great choice!

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#5. Bangway Bumper Case with Magnetic Adsorption

Bangway iPhone X-Xs Bumper Case

Look and Feel: Like most of the bumper cases for iPhone X, this too has a minimalist design, along with a clear back. Though, it is nominally thicker compared to some of the bumper cases. But the thickness is for added protection for the iPhone.

Protection: It has metal frames, raised edges, and reinforced corners. All this safety features protect your iPhone X from normal falls and bumps. Also, the camera and the display are protected from scratches while you rest it on the desk.

Other Functionality: The transparent back is made from durable glass that doesn’t break easily. On top of that, it is resistant to fingerprints, and you won’t need to clean it every time you hold in your hands.

Verdict: Safety without compromising the beauty. This explains the case correctly. If tiny little bulk isn’t an issue, this case is just perfect.

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Best iPhone X and Xs Leather Cases

Top iPhone X Leather Cases

Prioritizing style and elegance over protection, leather cases are crafted out of genuine leather and definitely add an extra “oomph” to your phone. The pure leather cases can come in a flip and fold model or just a sleek glove that adds a layer of protection to your phone. Leather cases can either be hard cases, with a leather finish or soft. Regardless, some designs come with an inbuilt TFU layer and air cushioning to protect your phone from falls.

Pros: Definitely adds more class and style to your already stylish iPhone. It is made out of genuine leather, so it feels great to touch.

Cons: Doesn’t always prioritize safety, even though it does have basic protection elements in place. If you are looking for cruelty-free, animal-friendly options, this may not be the cover for you.

Who is it for?

Ideally suited for sure-fingered folks who need to make a business statement over protection. Some of the phone cases do come with flaps. If you want to highlight your iPhone X’s design with classy accessories, this would be the choice for you.

The cases in this section overlap with Wallet Cases, because most of the functionality is similar.

Top Leather Cases for Phone Xs

#1. Woolnut Vegetable Tanned Full-Grain Nappa Leather Case

Woolnut iPhone X-Xs Leather Case

Look and Feel: Minimalism is taken to the maximum height. This is Woolnut’s excellence to craft a precise leather case for iPhone X. Available in cognac brown and black colors, Woolnut has designed this case in precise accordance with your slim iPhone.

Protection: The case tightly hugs your iPhone body and gives you an amazing experience of using your premium device. Rich leather that wears beautifully over a period of time.

Other Functionality: Woolnut has used vegetable tanned full-grain leather, which ages beautifully and develops a patina. This imparts a rich look to the case and, as a result, your iPhone looks elegant in your hands. I am extremely surprised to know that the case supports wireless charging like a charm.

Verdict: A luxury product made for people who belong to the higher echelons of society. Since Woolnut products are costlier than other leather cases, you may not like to replace them often with other cases.

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#2. Dreem Luxury Slim Leather Case

Dreem iPhone X Leather Case

Look and Feel: The Fibonacci luxury slim case lives up to its name. Made from vegan leather (that means no cowhide), it looks beautiful, feels great and fits your iPhone X like a glove. Also, if you are picky about the color, you do have quite a range to choose from.

Protection: The leather case ensures the protection you need for your phone against bumps. The safety magnet clasp is designed to lock-in with minimum fuss.

Other Functionality: The leather case is completely lined with RFID blocking material. This ensures that the cards you keep in the case are protected from magnetic theft. It also has a kickstand at the back to facilitate hands-free video watching or face-timing.

Verdict: With more than 6,300 customer reviews rating it a 4.3 out of 5, this phone case is the most popular yet. Despite it being wireless charging incompatible, the Dreem Fibonacci blends style and functionality in one case, making it a trustworthy option for your phone.

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#3. Zover Genuine Leather Cover

Zover Leather Case for iPhone X

Look and Feel: One of the rare slim wallet cases with minimalist designs, the Zover is crafted from environmentally certified leather and is available in at least half a dozen different colors. The material is soft, non-fragile and feels smooth to touch.

Protection: Like any other leather wallet case, this one offers standard bump protection. Since a magnetic buckle can weaken with time, this case features a simple magnetic snap-shut design that is functional and stays shut during a fall.

Other Functionality: The metal plate design of the case is detachable (hence the name). This case is completely compatible with wireless charging and works like a dream on all magnetic car mounts. More importantly, it has an auto wake/sleep feature that provides a drastic boost to the user experience.

Verdict: Over 200 customers agree that this phone deserves a good rating of 4.2 out of 5. Not only does this case pack style and protection, but the auto wake/sleep will make you appreciate this case every time you open and close it!

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#4. Heritage Pocket Book Leather Case from Pad & Quill

Heritage Pocket Book iPhone X Leather Case from Pad and Quill

Look and Feel: Going by the look, Heritage Pocket Book is a luxurious companion of the iPhone X. And what puts it ahead of the curve is the full-grain chocolate leather spine along with veg-tanned leather sides. Add to that the adorable craftsmanship and this is probably the case to beat in the market – hands down.

Protection: Despite being luxurious, the case can hold pretty well against shock and random bumps. The leather construction coupled with the strong baltic birch wooden frame endows it enough resistance to ward off impact.

Other Functionality: One notable feature of this cover is that it doesn’t seem to lose its shine with age thanks mainly to patina. Just like its sibling (Luxury Pocket Book), it can also keep up to 5-7 cards which could be a big deal for the folks who have to carry multiple cards.

Verdict: Everything considered, Heritage Pocket Book is simply the best leather cover in the market – whichever way you look at it. Of course, you can argue its high price tag ($101.96) but the quality that it possesses is unmatched.

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#5. Apple Leather Case

Apple Leather Case for iPhone X or XS

Look and Feel: Showcasing a sleek form factor, Apple leather case is what you need to keep the elegance of your iPhone X intact without having to give up on leather texture. Courtesy the tanned European leather, the cover makes a good match with the smartphone. And if you are fond of minimalist appearance, you are most likely to fall for it at the very first sight.

Protection: As Apple leather case is designed for minimalists, you shouldn’t expect much from it as far as protection is concerned. However, the cover can prove more than handy to endure minor bumps and even fight out scuffs thanks to the soft microfiber lining inside.

Other Functionality: As the leather case ages, the natural patina takes over so that it doesn’t lose its charm. The machined aluminum buttons are clicky and offer tactile feedback. Not to mention, more than seven color options that can easily fit into even the most vibrant taste.

Verdict: Putting all the specs into perspective, Apple leather case deserves to be among the best in the business. Moreover, this is exactly what you should choose to keep the slim form-factor of your smartphone intact without having to put your penchant for premium leather on the backburner.

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#6. LOHASIC Premium Leather Case

LOHASIC Leather Case for iPhone X

Look and Feel: This iPhone X case comes as a hybrid between leather and PU. The leather is handmade, with an electroplating layer to highlight the camera and buttons. It definitely looks classier than your regular cases.

Protection: The hybrid PU around the edges provides protection and a comfortable grip. The TPU layer also gives added protection to your precious phone.

Other Functionality: Does not affect the wireless charging functionality. The raised upper rim around the edges also minimizes risks of scratching.

Verdict: Rated by 50 customers, this phone has won 4.8 stars out of 5 and is definitely a good buy. Since it combines a lifetime warranty even though it’s a lightweight design, it is easy to see why it is so popular.

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#7. Jisoncase Genuine Leather Cover

Jisoncase Case for iPhone X

Look and Feel: The case is crafted using the premium cow leather that feels smooth and soft. Also, it is available in two color options.

Protection: The lips of the case are slightly raised that provides protection from scratches not just the display, but also the camera on the back.

Other Functionality: This genuine leather case precisely fits on your iPhone X.

Verdict: Given the quality of the product and the pricing, it seems to be a good fit for someone looking for a genuine leather case with a tight budget.

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Best iPhone X and Xs Clear Cases

Top iPhone X Clear Cases

Clear cases are transparent and as the name says – clear (to see your phone all the better)! They showcase the flawless design of your phone, without distracting from it. With a complete full-screen OLED display, the iPhone X’s design is the first of its kind in the entire iPhone series. Clear cases choose to highlight that by being subtle, yet offering the protection your phone needs.

Pros: Subtle cases that allow you to show off your iPhone X’s unique design while offering protection.

Cons: Does not have a lot of variety. No other added functionality.

Who is it for?

For the personalities who want to let their iPhone X do the talking – and not the cover. And no need to be concerned about protection; these cases are designed to protect your precious phone from basic drops and shocks.

Top Clear Cases for iPhone Xs

#1. JETech Transparent Case

JETech iPhone X Clear Case

Look and Feel: This transparent case helps you showcase the real beauty of your premium device.

Protection: For protection, JETech has made this case with PC and TPU. This slim case resists scratches and ultra-violet rays; the case doesn’t yellow over a period. Its unique shock-absorption design has four corners to absorb shocks.

Other Functionality: Precise cutouts enable users to access all the essential ports & buttons easily.

Verdict: iPhone X is Apple’s anniversary edition, and therefore, it is given special treatment by the company. You can also treat your iPhone X especially by covering it with this clear case.

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#2. CANSHN Crystal Clear Cover

CANSHN Clear Case for iPhone X-Xs

Look and Feel: The case is completely clear from all sides, and it doesn’t hinder the beauty of the iPhone X even an inch. The material is anti-fingerprint, and it won’t need cleaning now and then. The oleophobic coating doesn’t allow the clear case to turn yellow over time.

Protection: Military grade air cushion corners protect your iPhone X from damaging when fallen. In addition to that, raised edges to protect the display and the camera glass from scratching. The case also has SGS anti-fall certification.

Other Functionality: Its innovative design with sound conversion cover near the speakers adds stereo like experience when listening to music. This is something that not every clear case offers.

Verdict: Considering all the features the case offers, it is one of the best clear cases for iPhone X on the list.

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#3. Tranium Clear Case

Tranium iPhone X Clear Case

Look and Feel: Reinforced with TPU around the edges, it has enhanced grip and a hardback cover or panel. This again is transparent and gives you an unhindered view of the glass back of the iPhone X.

Protection: The TPU around the edges proves a sturdy bump resistance for your phone. The enhanced grip allows a surer hold as well. The raised rim helps in preventing scratches on your screen and your camera at the back.

Other Functionality: Compatible with all wireless charging docks, this case also allows for easy access to all the ports on the phone.

Verdict: With a whopping 957 customer reviews this phone is highly rated at 4.5 out of 5 stars. It checks all the boxes for functionality and design and also comes with a lifetime warranty from the seller. It is hard to go wrong where nearly a thousand others haven’t!

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#4. Spigen Crystal Clear Cover

Spigen Clear Case for iPhone X

Look and Feel: This is a clear hard case, that is made of PC and has TPU around the edges. Sleek to hold and look at, it is elegant and does not distract from the classy look of your iPhone X.

Protection: The bumper proof TPU edges assure protection against accidental bumps and falls.

Other Functionality: Fully compatible with wireless charging docks, this phone case also allows for easy access to all ports.

Verdict: Scoring an all-time high of 4,893 customer reviews, this case ranks a 4.5 out of 5 stars. It combines both protection and class to your iPhone investment and can easily protect it from the worst falls and damage.

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#5. OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series Case

OtterBox iPhone X Clear Case

Look and Feel: While OtterBox makes cases in a variety of colors, it is the clear case that we are looking at – as it is category appropriate. It does come with wraparound colors and patterns if you are so inclined.

Protection: The reinforced edges keep the phone safe from bumps and falls. The raised upper lip also makes your screen and camera relatively scratch proof.

Other Functionality: Wireless charging does work with the case. Also, if you want additional protection for your screen, it is compatible with a screen protector too.

Verdict: 758 customers on Amazon have rated this phone a 4 out of 5. Though there is no mention of TPU material, the case is durable, has passed the manufacturer’s drop test, and is definitely capable of providing optimal protection for your phone.

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Best iPhone X and Xs Waterproof Cases

Top iPhone X Waterproof Cases

It is not always dropped or falls that ruin a phone. Water damage is something you should equally watch out for. As the name suggests, waterproof cases come in the water-resistant material so that your phone is protected primarily from liquid spills. Good covers are snow-proof and are also underwater resistant so that your phone is protected from water pressure resulting from an accidental splash in the swimming pool.

Pros: Guards against water damage, which in some cases is more damaging for a phone than a fall to the ground could be.

Cons: If you do not specifically need to guard against water spills – hey, you might not be the swimmer or surfer type – then you don’t need to invest in a waterproof case. Also, not a lot of great designs are available as the cases are usually more functionality oriented.

Who is it for?

If you have the high likelihood of liquid-related damage – like coffee spills while on the desk, accidental swimming pool dunks or, even the occasional exposure to snow – then this cover is for you. It values functionality over design and offers superb protection against liquids to your phone.

Top Waterproof Cases for iPhone Xs

#1. LifeProof FRĒ SERIES Waterproof Case

LifeProof iPhone X WaterProof Case

Look and Feel: Combination of black and fluorescent green sets this case apart from other waterproof cases. You can quickly sport this case if the phone slips off your hands underwater.

Protection: This iPhone X waterproof case has a built-in scratch protector, which is nearly invisible to your eyes and touch. This case is sealed from snow, ice, dirt, and dust particles.

Other Functionality: Though it is a waterproof case, you can enjoy full access to buttons and controls on your phone. The case is IP-68 rated and therefore, you can take your iPhone X/Xs two meters underwater for one hour.

Verdict: LifeProof is a popular brand manufacturing premium accessories for iPhones. Cases made by LifeProof are stylish and robust.

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#2. OTBBA Underwater Case

OTBBA Waterproof Case for iPhone X

Look and Feel: Though it is not a sleek case, it comes in two colors – a mirror backed finish or a translucent back that completely covers your phone and seals it in. It is a hard case that does not allow you to feel your iPhone X but focuses more on protecting it.

Protection: With military-grade testing, this phone case guarantees protection against water even at 6.6 feet depth. It is also completely dust proof and snow proof, thus keeping your phone as good as new inside the case. The raised edges and sides add bumper protection to the phone as well and make it shock-proof.

Other Functionality: Compatible with wireless charging, this phone also allows for good touch sensitivity and clear audio quality.

Verdict: Almost a 100 customers have rated it 4.9 out of 5 stars – a clear approval of the military grade protection that it affords your phone.

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#3. Singdo WaterProof Cover

Singdo iPhone X WaterProof Case

Look and Feel: The Private Design waterproof case from Singdo for iPhone X assures a sleek and lightweight design. Made from superb PET material, this phone case is feather light, while affording your phone enough protection.

Protection: Fully sealed case, meets the IP68 standards. It protects the phone against water, dust, and snow, making it ideal for underwater sports and even from accidental drops or falls. The front cover also has a built-in screen protector to prevent scratches.

Other Functionality: The sensitivity of the phone is not compromised. Despite the complete coverage, it allows for wireless charging and also gives easy access to all ports and speakers.

Verdict: Scoring a 4.6 out of 5 stars from 46 customers, this case is definitely a good buy for your phone.

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#4. Vapesoon Clear Waterproof Case

Vapesoon Waterproof Case for iPhone X

Look and Feel: Made to be slim, sleek and transparent, the Vapesoon waterproof case comes in 3 different colors, all of which aim to enhance the design of the iPhone X. It completely seals the phone and gives it a hard feel, while allowing good button access.

Protection: Specifically tested for drops and underwater resistance; this phone case offers good protection for your iPhone X. It is water resistant for up to half an hour at 6’6” and has passed all the standard drop tests. The TPU and PC hybrid case makes it shock absorbent too.

Other Functionality: Though it is compatible with wireless charging, it can work only on Apple docks. It is precisely designed for iPhone X, with good touchscreen functionality and port access.

Verdict: With 200 customers rating it a 4.1 on 5, this case can definitely be considered to protect your phone from harsh environments.

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#5. ORDTBY Shockproof WaterProof Cover

ORDTBY iPhone Xs- X Waterproof Case

Look and Feel: We cannot expect waterproof cases to be extremely slim as they provide 360-degrees protection. But this case from ORDTBY is considerably thinner compared to other waterproof cases. It doesn’t look bulky and also has a clear back to flaunt the Apple Logo.

Protection: The case can easily protect your iPhone X/Xs from almost a 7-ft high fall. Apart from that, it is IP68 certified which allows you to take underwater photos and videos without needing to worry about water damage.

Other Functionality: Taking into account the thickness of the case, it supports wireless charging. This allows you to use this case regularly and not just for underwater fun.

Verdict: The case has protection from falls, protection from water, and a slim profile. All this makes it a day-to-day use case.

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Best iPhone X and Xs Battery Cases

Top iPhone X Battery Cases

The ultimate life-extenders for your iPhone X, battery cases come with a built-in battery and connector that you can use to charge your phone while on the move. No more waiting around for chargers or carrying extra power packs. Battery cases have USB ports that facilitate charging and also sometimes have display to show you how much of power is left.

Pros: Highly useful feature of extra power without having to carry additional paraphernalia. In case of power emergencies, you are always set! Also provides a modicum of protection to the phone.

Cons: Makes the phone really bulky and doesn’t come in sleek or attractive designs. To some extent, it does distract from the edges and contours of the phone. And that’s a shame – your iPhone X is a beauty!)

Who is it for?

For busy professionals constantly on the move, battery cases are highly useful. They provide the extra bit of juice to keep your phone running, so you don’t need to grab your charger or your power pack every time you run out of battery power.

Top Battery Cases for iPhone Xs

#1. Trianium Battery Case [4000mAh]

Trianium iPhone X Battery Case

Look and Feel: Designed to be slimmer and sleeker than most battery cases, this case comes in classic black – which makes it a good accessory for all phones.

Protection: Made of durable double layer material, this phone does provide good bump resistance and shockproof protection to your phone.

Other Functionality: Definitely extends your battery life. All you need to do is slide out your phone if you are low on charge and use the case to charge up your phone. It comes with special LED indicators to tell you when you are running low on power. Neither of these functions hinders access to other ports.

Verdict: Despite the huge functionality, it is rated only 4 out of 5 stars by 9 users. It is perhaps suited only for those who value power back up (maybe during travel) over protection to the phone.

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#2. Smiphee Portable Charging Case

Smiphee Battery Case for iPhone X-Xs

Look and feel: Battery cases are generally looked up as bulky cases. It is somewhat true, given the extra battery they carry on the back. But Smiphee battery case, even with 4000mAh battery is comparatively slimmer. The rubber-like material is soft and also gives a good grip while holding.

Protection: The micro-fiber material inside the case doesn’t scratch the surface of the iPhone X/Xs. While the rubber material on the outside absorbs shock from normal falls and bumps. Also, like other cases, this too has raised edges to protect the screen from scratches.

Other functionality: There are four LEDs on the back that indicates the remaining power on the case. While the lightning connector on the case allows you to charge or sync your iPhone X or Xs without removing the case.

Verdict: Slim profile, enough protection, and durability is something this case has delivered beautifully. All in all, it is a great battery case for iPhone X/Xs.

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#3. Maxboost Battery Case

Maxboost iPhone X Battery Case

Look and Feel: The elegant slim design of this battery case provides an exceptional user experience. It comes in regular black, making it ideal for all iPhone X designs. The LED backlights add an extra oomph to the phone and up its panache.

Protection: It is compatible with most screen protector and also protects from regular bumps and accidental falls.

Other Functionality: Completely compatible with all iPhone apple accessories – including Bluetooth headsets. The case allows you to sync to the computer without having to be removed. It also extends your battery life by adding 8+ hours talking time and 11+ hours browsing time to your phone.

Verdict: Rated 4.3 by 85 customers, this phone case comes with a lifetime warranty. The USB cable in the pack lets you charge both the phone and the case together.

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#4. Alpatronix Slim Portable Battery Case

Alpatronix Battery Case for iPhone X

Look and Feel: Ergonomically designed for iPhone X, this case allows easy access to all ports on your phone while ensuring a strong grip.

Protection: The superior ABS material with which the case is made provides for good protection against everyday bumps and shocks. It also is compatible with most screen guards and can thus protect your screen from scratches as well.

Other Functionality: The slip and slide model ensures that your iPhone charges directly from the battery case. It also boasts of a complete auto-sync function, enabling you to sync it with your Mac or headphones (Apple devices) without having to remove it from the case.

Verdict: With a full money back guarantee, this case has scored 4.1 out of 5 stars as rated by 38 customers. It is again modeled for a certain set of niche requirements, which may not suit general everyday usage.

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#5. Swaller Ultra Slim Battery Case

Swaller Battery Case for iPhone X-Xs

Look and Feel: Battery cases normally look ugly in design, but this one is an exception. Swaller has a relatively slimmer case for your iPhone X.

Protection: This case comes with full body upgraded edge protection feature, which secures your iPhone from all corners and sides.

Other Functionality: This iPhone X 4000mAh battery pack gives more than 100% extra power to your device. Four LED indicators on the back allows you to keep your eyes on the battery level.

Verdict: Swaller is recognized for manufacturing battery cases for iPhones. You can keep your iPhone charged all day as well as sync your data to your MacBook or Windows PC without removing the case.

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Best iPhone X and Xs Slim Cases

Top iPhone X Slim Cases

If you’re the type who likes to showcase the look and feel of their iPhones, that is, stay true to the aesthetics while giving it some extent of protection, slim cases are the perfect option for you. They are flexible enough to not add bulk to the phone; sometimes, they’re made of gel casings so that you can still get a feel of the phone and not just the cover.

Pros: Very high aesthetic value while providing the functional protection.

Cons: Doesn’t come in a lot of designs but draws attention to the phone as opposed to the casing.

Who is it for?

For die-hard iPhone X fans, who want to preserve the sanctity, symmetry, and lines of the phone, while giving it some amount of protection. It still allows you wireless charging capabilities and has precise sockets for all the right ports.

Top Slim Cases for iPhone Xs

#1. NataX Fit –Ultra thin Case

NataX iPhone X Slim Case

Look and Feel: This ultra-light, the thin case is designed for maximum comfort while handling the phone. The carbon finish ensures that there are no fingerprints or dirt residues – making your iPhone look great all the time!

Protection: Offers excellent scratch protection, with the soft TPU ensuring bump protection for the screen and sides. The 0.2 mm raised rim prevents the camera lens and the screen from wear and tear.

Other Functionality: Compatible with wireless charging, the phone is also anti-slip, ensuring good protection.

Verdict: Definitely one of the high-rated cases, with 127 customers giving it a 4.1 rating out of 5.

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#2. totallee Slim Cover

totallee iPhone X Slim Case

Look and Feel: If the svelte design is what you are after, you would be hard-pressed to find a better alternative to totallee. The ultra-sleek design coupled with the smooth frosted finish gives it a clear edge over many thin covers in the market.

Protection: totallee slim case is more than capable to ward off scratches. And with the matte finish, it also quite good at handling fingerprints, dust, and sweat.

Other functionality: Unlike many cases in the market, totallee cover is branding-free. Plus, the cover grips comfortably in the palm so that you have the desired convenience to hold your smartphone.

Verdict: Few thin cases look as pleasing as totallee’s offering. $29.99, it may be a touch expensive but when it comes to living up to the expectation, it’s right up there.

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#3. Torras Slim Fit Case

Torras iPhone X Slim Case

Look and Feel: This hard case has a matte finish that is super light and easy to hold. The finishing does not compromise with the grip and gives the phone a silky feel. The case comes in multiple colors, letting you choose whichever you think will enhance your iPhone X the best.

Protection: The raised lip protects the camera and screen from scratches. The rounded corners offer some level of protection against bumps.

Other Functionality: Wireless charging compatible with precision cut outs to access all ports.

Verdict: When 400 customers love the phone and give it a 4.4 out of 5 rating, it sure is a good case that you can bank on!

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#4. DTTO Slim Silicone Cover

DTTO Slim Case for iPhone X

Look and Feel: Made with liquid silicone rubber, this case provides a smooth texture to your iPhone, letting you feel the bare metal. It also makes maintenance easy, allowing you to easily wipe off any stains or fingerprint marks on the case.

Protection: Thanks to the TPU design, this case ensures protection against bumps and is shock-proof. The raised bezels give your screen and camera added scratch protection.

Other Functionality: A unique honeycomb pattern in the interior of the case enables the phone to cool down faster. It is compatible with wireless charging and is also pretty flexible.

Verdict: Over 300 customers have reviewed this phone and have rated it a 4 out of 5 – definitely a case that can protect your phone while giving your personality a stylish and classy appeal.

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#5. Verna Slim Cover

Verna iPhone X Slim Case

Look and Feel: Verna is not a super thin cover per se. However, it does have a relatively slim design to wrest attention due largely to the soft PU leather and TPU construction.

Protection: In terms of protection, this offering from Verna can hold the fort against bumps and even nasty scratches. And it’s the shock-absorbing TPU bumper that makes the real difference.

Other Functionality: Probably the biggest highlight of Verna slim cover for iPhone X is the built-in card holder that allows you to securely store a card. Thus, you don’t need to carry a typical wallet if you don’t store many cards. Plus, it also has tactile buttons that are much easier to handle.

Verdict: For the folks who want a slim case that can do much more than just making a nice pair with the iPhone, Verna’s offering can be worth checking. At just $14.99 price tag (4.5 stars out of 550 ratings), it’s also way cheaper than many other similar covers.

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Best iPhone X and Xs Silicone Cases

Top iPhone X Silicone Cases

Somewhat similar to slim cases, flexible silicone cases are made with silicone (instead of gels that the thin cases are sometimes made of). They are also designed to focus on the design of the phone, rather than draw attention to the case.

Pros: Allows you to keep the look and feel of your favorite iPhone X while protecting it from drops and falls.

Cons: May not always come in classy designs. Usually has no front cover or upper lip and the tempered protection glass has to be bought separately.

Who is it for?

For users who want to protect their phones (obviously) against fall and slight scratches but do not want to compromise on the original aesthetics of the phone, flexible silicone cases are a perfect choice.

Top Flexible Silicone Cases for iPhone Xs

#1. SURPHY Silicone Case

SURPHY Silicone Case for iPhone X and Xs

Look and Feel: SURPHY’s silicone case gives a good touch feeling when you hold your phone in hands. The silky exterior gives you a soft-touch finish.

Protection: Silicone cases are flexible and protective in nature, and therefore, you can rely on its strength and flexibility. The case has soft microfiber inner lining, which protects your phone from sudden drops.

Other Functionality: Liquid silicone case comfortably fits on your iPhone X and allows you to access all the buttons easily.

Verdict: This silicone case is perfect for your fast life as it provides good hand grip and protection to your iPhone.

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#2. Luolnh Silicone Cover with Floral Designs

Luolnh Silicone Case for iPhone X

Look and Feel: Featuring transparent material with floral designs at the back, these cases boldly proclaim their uniqueness. They are smooth, glossy and aesthetic, with the designs showing up in good contrast against the back of the iPhone X.

Protection: The case offers premium protection against scratches, bumps and falls. It has a raised lip that ensures that the screen and camera remain safe when placed on flat surfaces.

Other Functionality: The design has precision cuts exclusively for the speakers, audio, and other ports. This ensures ease of access. It is lightweight and is compatible with wireless charging.

Verdict: 226 customers have rated it 4.7 out of 5 stars, making it a highly popular case. The different designs and the light weight of the case combine personality and protection, thus making it a good choice.

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#3. Caka Silicone Soft Rubber TPU Cover

Caka iPhone X Silicone Case

Look and Feel: Manufactured in two colors, this marble silicone case is lightweight and fits the iPhone X perfectly. It is smooth and sleek, lending your iPhone X more personality.

Protection: Made of high-grade TPU, the case protects the phone from everyday wear and tear, scratches and bumps.

Other functionality: Though it is unclear if it supports wireless charging, the phone is well designed to enable access to all ports with ease.

Verdict: Rated 4.7 out of 5 by 48 customers, this phone is a good buy for those looking to showcase their unique personality via their iPhone X.

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#4. Apple Silicone Case

Silicone Case for iPhone X and Xs from Apple

Look and Feel: Experience the soft-touch feeling and finish of silicone exterior, which feels great in your hands.

Protection: For the protection of your iPhone, Apple uses a soft microfiber lining on the inside.

Other Functionality: Unlike other silicone cases, this one is compatible with wireless charging; this means, you can keep this case on all the time.

Verdict: Here is something from the brand itself! A silicone case for your iPhone X from Apple is your perfect choice. The company has left no stone unturned to make this case the best protective gear for your device.

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#5. TORRAS Silicone Case with Marble Design

TORRAS iPhone X Silicone Case

Look and Feel: The marble finish of this iPhone X case is sleek, smooth to touch, and unquestionable makes your phone stand out. Despite being so thin, the case provides good grip and is easy to slip on to the phone.

Protection: The case is designed to protect the phone from accidental bumps and falls at all corners and sides. The raised bezel edge around the case also safeguards the phone screen and camera from scratches.

Other Functionality: It is compatible with wireless charging. It also provides easy access to all ports of the phone.

Verdict: Scoring a high 4.6 out of 5 stars, this case has been reviewed by 126 customers. It also has fewer returns than other cases in its category and is clearly both functional and trendy.

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Best iPhone X and Xs Kickstand Cases

Top iPhone X Kickstand Cases

Kickstand cases come with a kick-back stand, which helps you watch videos hands-free when horizontally placed. With a superb OLED front screen of the iPhone X, you will, of course, spend your time watching a lot of videos and having a cool and convenient stand only makes it more enjoyable.

Pros: The kickstand is an added functionality that can be pretty useful for hassle-free entertainment. It is not at odds with the cover’s basic function of protecting the phone. Sometimes, stand cases also come with a front flap that offers protection to the front screen during impact and wrist tags to prevent your phone from slipping.

Cons: Definitely makes the phone look bulkier. It distracts from the sleek design of your iPhone X and changes the back appearance completely. Of course, it can come in pretty good colors, but if you choose the wrong model, you risk having it look tacky.

Who is it for?

If you are looking for a convenient, handy way to watch videos and not too worried about how your phone will look, then stand cases are perfect for you.

Top Kickstand Cases for iPhone Xs

#1. Spigen Metal Kickstand Case

Spigen iPhone X Kickstand Case

Look and Feel: Made of clear hard PC with a TPU bumper, the case offers good grip without being unnecessarily bulky. Though the sides of the case are black, the back is completely transparent, allowing you to flaunt your iPhone X’s core design.

Protection: The air cushion technology and TPU cover protect the phone from bumps and fall damage. It works well with screen guards and offers resistance from scratches too.

Other Functionality: The kick-back stand is magnetic and allows for viewing from all angles. It also is wireless charging compatible and provides easy access to all ports.

Verdict: Over 700 customers have reviewed this case with a rating of 4.5 out of 5. It offers the dual benefits of a stand and being a lightweight, slim cover.

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#2. JETech Case with Metal Kickstand

JETech Kickstand case for iPhone X

Look and Feel: The carbon fiber texture imparts a unique black and shining shade, which looks impressive.

Protection: JETech has added a flexible TPU case with an elevated lip to secure the touchscreen of your phone. This raised lip provides 1.2mm elevation to protect the screen from scratches.

Other Functionality: The corners are padded with extra material so that they can absorb shocks when your phone is dropped accidentally. You can quickly press power and volume buttons as JETech has installed tactile buttons on the case.

Verdict: JETech is known for manufacturing robust and protective cases for iPhones. This kickstand for iPhone X is designed with carbon fiber texture.

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#3. ESR Bumper Kickstand Cover

ESR iPhone X Kickstand Case

Look and Feel: The hard case is black and completely masks the design of your iPhone. However, the metal stand at the back gives it good contrast and gives it a classier look. Although it is designed to slim, the case does have some extra weight, probably because of the metal stand.

Protection: Has a practically raised rim that protects the screen and camera lens from scratches. The flexible TPU bumper protects against everyday wear and tear and shocks.

Other Functionality: The metal stand can be used in two positions – horizontal and vertical – for convenient viewing. The case is wireless charging compatible and is easy to snap on and off.

Verdict: Scoring a good rating of 4.5 out of 5 by from 250 customers, this case is definitely among the top players, if you are looking for a versatile kickback stand case.

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#4. Iconflang Case with Ring Holder Kickstand

Iconflang Kickstand Case for iPhone X

Look and Feel: A hard case made of TPU and PC, this case comes in different colors (with black being the popular choice). The innovative design allows you to lay your phone flat on the ground in spite of the ring holder at the back.

Protection: The dual layer of TPU and PC affords ample protection against bumps and shocks. It also is scratch resistant and fingerprint proof, protecting your phone from everyday wear and tear.

Other Functionality: The case is compatible with magnetic car holders, thanks to its built-in the metal plate. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow wireless charging. The ring holder at the back, however, enables you to watch videos without fear of dropping your phone. The cutouts in the case are compatible to work not just with Apple, but also with other third-party chargers.

Verdict: Even though it scores only a 3.7 out of 5 stars, it has been reviewed by about 250 genuine customers. It can figure in your list of kickback stand cases if you want a super-flexible viewing experience.

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#5. USAcases Case With Stand Kickstand

USAcases iPhone X Stand Case

Look and Feel: Made exclusively for iPhone X, this phone case is made of hard PU that is opaque. The kickstand at the back blends in nicely with the rest of the case.

Protection: The case has a 0.2mm raised lip that offers protection to the camera lens and the screen in front. The dual-layer design, built with carbon fiber material and grid technology, gives sufficient shock protection to your iPhone X.

Other Functionality: Supports a kickstand at the back that offers stable viewing. It is wireless charging compatible and offers precise access to all ports.

Verdict: Even though it checks all boxes, it scores only a 3.7 out of 5, as reviewed by 26 customers. So, unless you are specifically looking for these particulars, there may be more convenient options.

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Best iPhone X and Xs Wooden Cases

Top iPhone Wooden Cases

As the name suggests, these cases are made of wood, tend to be extremely durable, and are definitely a class apart. The wood is well treated, polished, and sometimes can be personalized with engravings of your choice. Obviously, wooden cases can naturally protect the phone from scratches and falls, but they aren’t as highly shock-resistant as bumper cases.

Pros: Adds to the style and class factor of the iPhone X. They can be personalized and made unique, compared to the regular, run-of-the-mill cases that everybody else also has. Wooden cases are also easy to clean and maintain and offer natural protection when you drop your phone.

Cons: Definitely makes your phone bulky. Doesn’t offer any additional functionality or flexibility.

Who is it for?

If you are looking to make a statement – make your iPhone X stand out from the regular others – then wood cases are your ticket. They definitely look elegant and exclusive and can be customized with your initials or other engravings.

Top Wooden Cases for iPhone Xs

#1. iCaseIt Wood Case

iCaseIt iPhone X Wooden Case

Look and Feel: Made of PU and real wood hybrid, this case is smooth, lightweight and durable. Since it’s made of natural wood grain, no two cases are alike. That, for sure, highlights your personality and adds to the uniqueness of your iPhone X.

Protection: Offers protection against bumps and falls. May require a screen guard to prevent scratches.

Other Functionality: Wireless charging compatible. Fits your phone snugly and allows you access to all ports.

Verdict: Almost 300 customers have rated this case 4.2 out of 5 stars. If you are looking to make a statement with your iPhone X and have a unique personal style, this case should definitely be on your list.

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#2. TENDLIN Slim Wooden Case

TENDLIN Wooden Case for iPhone X and Xs

Look and Feel: Looking at Tendlin wooden cover, I can say that it’s well-built and has a compact form-factor. So, you can expect the case to fit comfortably in your palm.

Protection: In terms of protection, Tendlin wooden case can fight out both nasty impact and random scuffs. And it’s due largely to the combo of wood and TPU.

Other Functionality: For those who use wireless chargers to power up the iPhone would appreciate the support for wireless charging compatibility. On top of all, the case has a much-needed camera bump on the back and 0.04-inch elevated edge to prevent both the OLED screen and the dual-camera setup from being scratched.

Verdict: If you are in the market for a compact, durable and affordable wooden case for your iPhone X/Xs, this offering from Tendlin can make a reasonably good choice.

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#3. Native Union Real Walnut Wood Case

Native Union iPhone X Wooden Case

Look and feel: As the case is crafted from real American timber and sanded by hand, every case has a unique design on the back. That’s the beauty of wooden cases; every case is different. Besides that, the combination of TPU in the design makes it look elegant and classy.

Protection: Wood by default is strong and durable in nature. The wooden back protects the iPhone X from scratches, dust, and dirt. Also, microfibre lining inside the case also doesn’t let the case scratch the iPhone. It also protects the device from normal falls, and bumps.

Other functionality: Precise cuts on the case allows you to click beautiful pictures, charge your iPhone X, or sync it with your PC or Mac without any hindrance.

Verdict: Looks, protection, and ratings say everything about this case. It is a great case to have if the wood is your primary requirement.

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#4. iATO Wood Case with Real Walnut Grain

iATO Wood Case for iPhone X

Look and Feel: Made of real walnut wood, this snap-on case is lightweight and durable, with a smooth finish. It has an extremely minimalistic design that highlights the beauty of your iPhone X.

Protection: The bumper provides resistance to shocks and can be used in combination with a screen protector.

Other Functionality: The case allows for wireless charging and gives easy access to all ports and buttons, allowing for seamless user experience.

Verdict: With 430 customers reviewing it and rating it 4.3 out of 5, this is definitely among the more popular cases. The lifetime warranty makes the deal even sweeter – by guaranteeing a 100% replacement.

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#5. YFWOOD Protective Wooden Cover

iPhone X and Xs Protective Wooden Case from YFWOOD

Look and Feel: This offering from YFWOOD should appeal to those who have a liking for an engraved pattern. The hybrid design with real wood exterior and rubberized interior gives it a durable form-factor.

Protection: I find his cover highly protective for multiple reasons. For starters, the cover has an impact-resistant interior and solid outer shell that can survive drops with ease. Plus, it has also got a 3mm elevated edge to guard the screen against scratches.

Other Functionality: The support for wireless charging makes it a fine bet for regular usage. And thanks to the soft rubber, the buttons are also quite tactile

Verdict: YFWOOD’s offering is up to the task in most aspects: design, durability, and convenience. Besides, it’s also priced affordably at $13.99.

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#6. TOAST Real Wood Cover

TOAST iPhone X Wooden Case

Look and Feel: Real wood makes your case unique, as you won’t find another such cover in the world.

Protection: Toast brings a real wood cover for your iPhone X. It is a one-piece cover that protects back and sides of your iPhone.

Other Functionality: The smart design also includes buttons and camera lens covers; you can quickly access all essential features on your phone.

Verdict: Toast offers you to choose from three wood choices: walnut, ash, or ebony. This wooden case is your perfect choice to add style to your iPhone and personality.

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#7. CYD Handmade Wooden Case

CYD Handmade Wooden Case for iPhone X and Xs

Look and Feel: While CYD wooden cover may not be a premium suit, it can give many expensive offerings a run for their money. The real wood construction with handmade carving gives it a commendable look.

Protection: Even on the durability front, CYD wooden case can live up to the expectation. The fully rubberized interior coupled with the natural wood outer shell makes it a trusted companion.

Other Functionality: The presence of beveled edge aims at offering a 360° shield to the iPhone. Add to that the exact cutouts along with responsive buttons and the cover have taken care of all the essential aspects.

Verdict: To me, CYD has got all the qualities to be an adorable wooden cover. The 4.5 stars out of almost 40 ratings make it quite reliable. Moreover, the $12 price tag is also on the affordable side of the spectrum – if not cheap.

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Best iPhone X and Xs Cases for Women

Top iPhone X Cases for Women

Bring on the bling, the pastels, and the bold colors! iPhone X cases for women are definitely a tad more exciting and refreshing contrast to the sedate categories we have seen so far. Regardless of the material, they are made from; they come in striking patterns and colors that definitely will make you look again!

Pros: Adds an extra aesthetic dimension to the iPhone X – each case adds a solid personality to the phone.

Cons: The bold patterns can distract from the core elegance of the phone. If the pattern-material combination is not right, it can look really tacky.

Who is it for?

For the adventurous women (and men, if you are interested), who want their iPhone X to be noticed and also make no secrets of their personalities. While available in interesting designs and patterns, few of these cases compromise on functionality.

Top iPhone Xs Cases for Women

#1. Caka Liquid Series Case

Caka iPhone X Case for Women

Look and Feel: Made of high-grade acrylic, this case features a liquid in the back that is transparent and has floating sparkles. It gives the phone added bling, and the sparkles move gently with the liquid. The case is smooth and light, without added bulk.

Protection: The TPU layer functions as extra protection and offers adequate scratch resistance.

Other Functionality: The case is compatible with contact chargers. The liquid in the case is mineral oil, which makes it extremely safe for the skin. The case fits the phone well, allowing access to all the required buttons and ports.

Verdict: With 54 customers rating it a 3.8 out of 5, this phone case caters to a unique segment. If you want to bling up your phone with a clear case with fall protection, this could be the case for you.

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#2. GVIEWIN Clear Flower Pattern Design Case

GVIEWIN iPhone X-Xs Case for Women

Look and feel: When it comes to cases for Women, we cannot complete the list without a case with flowers. The design on the back is covered with flowers with different colors, and it just looks beautiful. There’s enough space in design for you to flaunt the Apple Logo.

Protection: Flowers are delicate, but not this case. It is made with shockproof TPU that effectively protects your iPhone X from falls, bumps, and shocks. Corners of the case are raised giving an extra cushion. Also, the edges around the screen and camera are raised, not letting it get scratched.

Other functionality: The case itself is scratch-resistant, and also, the TPU material doesn’t slip from your hands. Like all others, you can access all the ports and functions of the iPhone without any issue.

Verdict: Amazing design adds a spark to the beauty of the iPhone X. Added protection makes it perfect for daily use.

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#3. Mosnovo Floral Flower Sunflower Pattern Cover

Mosnovo iPhone X Case for Girl

Look and Feel: Ultra slim body, with a hard backed case and a transparent back that has sunflower images. It definitely adds a little bit of sunshine to your iPhone X and makes people look again.

Protection: The premium TPU bumper and hard polycarbonate back ensures protection against bumps, falls and shocks. The raised bezel lip offers protection against scratches to your precious camera lens and the top-class OLED display.

Other Functionality: Supports wireless charging and gives you easy access to all ports and buttons.

Verdict: Scoring a 4.7 out of 5 stars, this case is trusted by 86 customers. If you choose to compliment the original design of your phone with some fashionable florals, this case could be a good choice for you.

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#4. Vivafree Bling Diamond Case

Vivafree Luxury iPhone X for Women

Look and Feel: Exquisitely crafted with high-grade materials, this premium phone case portrays effortless elegance and style. The sides of the case are embedded with chic and swanky bling. Further, the case is lightweight, smooth and ultra-thin.

Protection: It works well with a screen guard and offers full protection to your phone against drops, accidental falls, and shocks. The raised 2mm edge ensures that your camera lens and display are scratch free.

Other Functionality: The cover has a ring kickstand at the back that allows for easy video viewing. It is also compatible with wireless charging, although you’d better take off the case while charging for long times (so that the ring doesn’t heat up).

Verdict: Scoring a 4.1 out of 5 from 40 reviews, this phone case boldly proclaims panache to those who opt for it. It combines functionality with attraction, thus making it an ideal partner to the iPhone X.

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#5. Ulak Leather Folio Handmade Wrist-Strap Case

Ulak Leather Case of iPhone X for Women

Look and Feel: Made of synthetic handmade material, this wallet case is perfect if you want to combine folio functionality with a feminine touch. As with all wallet cases, it covers up your iPhone X. However, the pink and floral pattern gives it a fresh look and makes it an interesting purse-like accessory.

Protection: Comes with a magnetic clasp in front to stop the phone from opening up in case of fall. The TPU layer of the skin is shock-proof and protects the display and camera from scratches.

Other Functionality: Built-in foldable kickstand at the back affords hands-free viewing when needed. The wallet case allows for keeping folded bills and cards so that you don’t have to reach for a purse every time. It also comes with a wrist strap that can potentially prevent nasty falls. Also compatible with wireless charging.

Verdict: With a 4.4 out of 5, this phone has been well liked by the 45 customers who have reviewed it. It can definitely be the case you are looking for – if you’re looking for a fashionable purse-like cover for your iPhone X.

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Over to You

Whew! That’s a real lot of cases we’ve covered here! So which one are you going to buy for your treasured iPhone X? Keep in mind that depending on your precise needs and aesthetic preferences, the case that’s right for you might not always be the most popular one listed. If you are looking for something more specific, drop us a note – we’d be delighted to help you out!

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