Apple Drops Walkie Talkie Feature for New iPhone 

The radio-frequency Walkie Talkie Feature adoption in the new iPhone has been put off by Apple, says The Information. Top executive leaving the team and change in focus (5G technology) could be possible reasons.

While the new iPhone models are keenly awaited, Apple has surprisingly dropped the adoption of its prestigious Walkie Talkie (the wireless iPhone to iPhone communication), sources informed The Information.

In the absence of PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), mobile or wi-fi networks, this project would use only radio waves to communicate between two iPhones. This feature is currently available in Apple Watch Series 1 or later versions with watchOS 5.3 and was keenly awaited for adoption in forthcoming iPhone models by fans and buyers alike.

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iPhone Walkie Talkie Feature Dropped as Project Leader Exits

Reasons for the dropping of the project are not so clear, but The Information hints at the project head Rubén Caballero exiting from the company. In the recent past, Apple has witnessed a churn among its top and middle management in very critical businesses leaving a vacuum at the helm.

The same source also says that Apple has settled its long-drawn dispute with Qualcomm for faster adoption of the new 5G modem Technology. It would possibly delay its new products incumbent from its recent Intel acquisition could be another reason for shelving the project.

In July 2019, Apple took over Intel’s modem business for over $1 billion to bring 5G compatible iPhones to markets. But from what we gather, this project may go beyond 2020, and Qualcomm will in the interim provide 5G modems for the new 2020 iPhone models.

Thus, Walkie Talkie Project called Project OGRS (Off-Grid Radio Service) by Apple and also known as Project Shrek inside Intel, had to be dropped. Thus it would bring in focus on the new chips and technology inducted via Qualcomm modems for the new 2020 iPhone models.

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iPhone Walkie Talkie Feature Has Advantages over PSTN or Mobile Networks

According to The Information, walkie talkie feature in the iPhone would operate over a 900MHz radio spectrum which would allow people to send text messages to other iPhones. This is akin to conventional communications used today in utility and manufacturing industries where the phones act like walkie-talkies to share texts and messages.

Just imagine that you have hit the mountain trail in the Wild West where there is no mobile or PSTN. Using the radio frequency, you can easily communicate with your friend on the other side of the mountain trail or call in case of an emergency.

Ever wondered whether there would be any local interference among radio waves or communication problems in the probable switchover from mobile to Radio? Any regulatory issues? Any idea, friends?

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