iPhone Users Spend More on Apps than their Android Counterparts

According to a survey conducted by Creative Strategies, iOS users are ready to pay for apps more than Android users. There are some interesting findings of the study, which will be useful for the developer community across the world.

Your interaction with your smartphones has continuously been reviewed by various survey agencies. A humble download of apps on your App Store and Google Play Store is scanned by agencies to get more insights into consumer behavior. A recent survey from Creative Strategies reveals interesting facts about what drives iOS and Android users to download paid apps.

The survey highlights three key insights: how users find apps, whether it’s price or value that drives the decision, and what is more suitable for users – in-app purchase or subscription.

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What Makes iOS and Android Users To Pay For Apps?

The survey includes 800 smartphone users in the United States. These users not only download free apps but also purchase or subscribe for apps & in-app purchases.

Built-in Search

Among the users surveyed, “20% of iOS users said they are browsing the app store daily, and another 32% do so weekly. Among Android users, only 9% reported being browsing the Google Play Sore daily and 21% weekly.”

Interestingly, while searching for the apps, users do not like to use the built-in search field in the App Store and Play Store. “Only 16% of iOS users and 18% of Android users resort to it as their primary method.”

This clearly indicates that both – iOS and Android – need to update their app stores so that users don’t go to any other tool to search their favorite apps.

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35% of iOS users use App Store search occasionally as Internet search provides better results, whereas only 33% of iOS users believe that the built-in search feature gives satisfactory results.

Android users have a similar experience as 31% users use the built-in search occasionally and 35% found the default search feature to be acceptable.

Price or Value

The most important finding of the survey is that users lay more emphasis on price than value. Users are perplexed on what to download and what to pay for. Another observation is that Android (44%) users rely more on customer reviews before they download an app. While iOS users (38%) make their minds based on features of the app.

However, when it comes to paid apps, both users give price more important than any other factor. If the cost of the app is beyond their budget, users disregard excellent reviews, features, screenshots, and app description.

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iOS and Android users do not consider the return on investment when they find prices too high to pay for.

A key takeaway for app developers is that they need to offer more flexibility in how users can pay for apps. To make money from their apps, developers may have to come up with “try before you buy” sort of ideas. Once users are convinced their money is worth, they will be ready to buy the app.

iOS Users Keener for One-off Payment

Android and iOS users are smart, as they know what they are downloading or making payment for. Before they download or purchase the app, they go through the policies of app developers. Users don’t like to get deceived by in-app purchase, and therefore, they read the guidelines carefully.

iOS users (54%) are keener to go for one-off payment; while 47% Android users like to go for one-time payment.

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For app advertisements, Android users seem to be okay with those pesky ads. 46% iOS users are willing to make in-app purchases to get rid of those ads; while only 38% Android users have no issue with the ads.

iOS and Android Users Spend Money on Apps Graph

Finally, iOS users are more willing to purchase apps than Android users. The survey sums up that nearly 45% of iOS users have five or more paid apps on their devices, while only 19% of Android users have paid apps on their smartphones.

Summing up…

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The survey has unearthed interesting findings and insights for industry experts, especially app developers. This report will surely be helpful to the developer community in creating effective marketing for their apps.

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