Survey Suggests 48% of Current iPhone Users Plan to Upgrade to Newer iPhone

A consumer survey conducted by LOUPVENTURES paint a positive picture for Apple as 48% of current iPhone owners intend to upgrade to a newer iPhone next year.

Time and again Apple proves its superiority and popularity as a leading smartphone brand in the world. This time, the proof came from users, who are keen to buy one of the 2018-iPhone models.

This craze is living proof of Apple’s acceptance, as more 24% of all iPhone users want to buy another iPhone.

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iPhone Users Keen to Get Their Hands on 2018 iPhone Models

From the survey conducted by LOUPVENTURES, some interesting findings have come out. The research agency surveyed 530 US consumers regarding their intent to purchase upcoming iPhones.

Surprisingly, 48% of current iPhone users intend to upgrade to a newer iPhone in the next year; notably, this figure was 25% in June last year.

iPhone Intent to Upgrade Survey by Loup Ventures

Analysts Gene Munster and Will Thompson believe, “This 48% is an outlier, and therefore should be tempered (intent to buy vs. actual purchase conversion varies cycle to cycle)”.

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However, the two analysts added that the survey is a positive indicator for Apple as it suggests greater demand for upcoming iPhone models.

Another positive indicator is that 19% of Android users surveyed plan to switch to an iPhone in the next year, compared to 12% last year. There is a good 7% jump from Android to iOS.

The bottom line of this survey is iPhone users have a greater interest in upcoming iPhone cycles than it was anticipated.

About the bigger picture, iPhone has now entered the period of stability from 0% to 5% unit growth for the next few years.

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From the total number of users who plan to buy an iPhone, 42% plan to buy one of the three iPhone models, which are yet to be announced this fall; 18% intend to buy iPhone X; 16% iPhone 8, and 24% another iPhone.

Signing off…

This survey paints a positive picture for Apple as 40% (212) respondents were Android users, and from this Android group, 19% intend to buy an iPhone in the next year.

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