iPhone Stuck at iCloud Sign In Popup Loop in iOS 8 [How to Fix]

The never ending loop popup of “Sign In To iCloud Account” on your iPhone/iPad in iOS 8 could be in two possible situations. The one situation may arise while updating your iPhone and the other would be due to some technical glitches with the WI-FI network.

How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Sign in to iCloud Popup Loop in iOS 8

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Whatever could be the situation the frequent appearance of the popup to enter your Apple ID even after you have already done so can be bothersome. If you are the ones who are faced with this bug and wondering how to get rid of this, here is a possible fix to it.

How to Fix iPhone Stuck at iCloud Sign in Popup Loop in iOS 8

Situation 1

Just as you update your iPhone, the iCloud Sign In popup starts popping up quite frequently. Thereby becoming an annoying interruption to your work process. Let’s fix it first!

Step #1. Go to https://appleid.apple.com/ Log in to your current Apple ID by clicking on “Manage your Apple ID” (make sure that you don’t have to enter the account which continuously appears for iCloud.)
Manage your Apple ID

Step #2. Click on Edit which is in front of “Apple ID and Primary Email Address.”

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Manage Apple ID

Step #3. Now, you need to change the Apple ID to the one that appears in your iCloud account.

(One thing is to understand, even if you don’t use this email address any more, you have to enter it since it is going to be done for the sake of resolving this issue only.)

Step #4. Having changed your Apple ID reset your iPhone,

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Step #5. Again, you would be prompted to enter your iCloud account. Here, make sure you enter your current Apple ID which was at the time when you were asked by iCloud.

Step #6. This will help you in getting rid of password look. You will need to delete iCloud account. (the better way should be to answer the prompt to delete but make sure to keep the data on your device. Once, it is done, you will have to log in to applied.apple.com again.

Step #7. Change the Apple ID which you want to use for your iTunes and iCloud account and save it. Make sure to confirm it too.

That’s all!

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Situation 2

In our research, we have found out that the loop popup would be appearing time and again due to WiFi issue as well. There are three possible solutions to resolve this. Let’s know more about how you can do this!

Hard Reset And Wi-Fi Setting

WiFi has been the cause of plenty of bugs in iOS for long. Having gone through the issue, we have found out that it may have happened due to Wi-Fi. Hence, to fix it, you will have to power down your device and reboot it again. (Press and hold the Home button and power button to boot your iPhone)

When you reboot your iPhone, it will take some time to initialize things before going for iCloud. In the meantime, you can set the WiFi network with the password by launching Settings → WI-FI.

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iTunes Backup

Just in case, you haven’t been able to get rid of the issue yet, there is another way to do away with it.

Step #1. Connect your iPhone with Mac/PC.

Step #2. Launch iTunes.

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Step #3. Click on iPhone from the side bar. Click right on the iPhone again and then click on Back Up Now. (If the popup appears, ignore it.)

Restore iPhone Contacts from iPhone

Step #4. While your iPhone is being backed up, use this time to join a Wi-Fi network since no popup will appear now.

Step #5. Once the backup is done, disconnect your iPhone from Mac/PC and re-sign in to your iCloud Account (Settings → iCloud). If the popup comes up, enter your iCloud Account in the same.

Restore Your Device As New

If the bug is still not fixed, you will require restoring your device all over again. It may sound to be a bit radical and involve some workaround but it can help you get out of this issue. When you restore your device, you will be asked to join a WiFi network. And to that, you will have to sign in to your iCloud Account. Doing it all will resolve the discomfiting problem.

In all likelihood, the bug will have been fixed now. If you know any other way of doing away with the same, just let us know in the comment. What’s your take on it?

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