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One redditor talked about a strange problem where the iPhone – after upgrading to iOS 7 – turned off abruptly (and suddenly). Not only this, but the iPhone could be switched back on only after a few minutes of waiting.

This problem doesn't seem to be very common or widespread – I've only seen remote cases of these being discussed on the web. There's a couple of things you can try to fix this issue but as far as I've seen, Apple hasn't acknowledged this. We're on our own.

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In one instance of this, the issue seems to be with a battery false-caliberation. So what happens after an iOS 7 upgrade is that the battery shows 10% but it's actually at 1%. The iPhone turns off even when, apparently, there is enough battery left to last a few minutes or an hour (depending on the usage).

iPhone Shutting Down Randomly After Upgrading to iOS 7

In another case, the sudden turning off did not have anything to do with battery. It just happened randomly – a few times a day – and it took some time to turn on the iPhone back on.

Judging from the way this problem is shaping up, it's hard to fix the issue to one particular bug. The problem could be caused by a lot of factors:

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  • Bad battery caliberation
  • One or two buggy apps that are quietly doing the deed
  • Problem with iOS 7 installation/settings

How to Solve Frequent iPhone Turning Off Issue After iOS 7 Upgrade?

This is where it gets a little tedious.

The first thing you can try is this:

  • Let your iPhone drain out completely (use it till it switches off on its own). Don't charge it at all.
  • Once it loses all the charge, connect it to the charger and let it be. Don't use till the iPhone gets charged to 100%. You might want to do this overnight.

Does this fix your problem?

You can try removing certain apps that have not yet been updated for iOS 7. If you have a limited number of apps, you might want to test and tweak the app usage to see if that has an effect on the problem. However, a large number apps means you can't do that without losing your mind.

The other thing you can try is a simple restore.

  • Have your data backed-up to iCloud
  • Restore as a new device (or through Recovery Mode)

To put the iPhone in recovery mode, press and hold Power+Home button till the screen goes blank. Connect the iPhone to your PC and iTunes will recognize a device in recovery mode. Restore firmware to install iOS 7 as a fresh copy.

  • Then, after the restoration, get your data back from iCloud.
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We'll keep you posted on this issue as and when we get more details. If you've got any other issue, comment / tweet to us.

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  • Anoop Singh

    I have an iPhone 4, it was working fine but unfortunately screen automatic get black and after that it showing only the apple logo and keep restarting.
    I restore the ios to bring the iphone into the recovery mode and using the itunes.
    but it’s still not working after restore.

    Now it’s Turn ON and after 3-5 minutes or at any time while using the iphone it’s get shut down automatically like the screen went black instantly.

    I want to know if the issue is because of the iphone battery as well or it’s because of any other internal hardware part?

  • Ajeesh Valliyot

    I have an iPhone 4, which is just 4 months old. I had updated it to iOS 7 as soon as I got this in last November. Of late, the phone is getting switched off all of a sudden even if the battery is 90%. To switch it on I have to connect it to the charger. Tried the reset mode, but did not work (holding home key and sleep button). When connecting to the charger, the battery icon appears on the screen for a few seconds and then the phone switches on on its own. It might work for another few hours or days and again the problem occurs abruptly. Any permanent fix for this It’s so difficult if the phone gets switched off when I am outside and not having the charger with me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • It could be a hardware issue. You might have to take it an Apple-authorized service center.

    • Uh oh. Sounds terrible. Did you try this? Do a fresh restore (don’t
      update/restore from backup).. just do a fresh, clean restore and then
      try using the iPhone for a couple of days. If the same problem keeps
      showing up, then it must definitely be a hardware issue. Gotta take it
      to Apple care.

      • Guest

        Thanks for the reply. Not tried a fresh restore yet. Will do that today.

      • Ajeesh Valliyot

        I have done a factory reset and have not experienced any issue for last 4 days. Looks like this issue is resolved. Thanks for your suggestion.

    • Scott McLaine

      I am having the same issue. ** MY IPHONE IS TURNING OFF RANDOMLY ** and it’s driving me crazy.

      THE SYMPTOM… I am using my phone fine and then when I go to send a text, take a photo, etc, it just turns off. This started a few weeks ago after upgrading to the new IOS 7. The ‘symptoms’ increased in frequency and my phone started turning off more frequently. I took my Iphone to the apple store. They reset the phone to factory standards and the problem still exists.

      THE PROBLEM: The guy at the Genius Bar said “I know there is a known software issue with IO7, and this looks like it has affected your processor.” BUT this was only after I told him that I have been reading about a lot of other people in the forums having the same problem.

      THE SOLUTION: Are you having the same issue? … Reply to this post and let me know. If a lot of people are having the same problem, Apple will probably just swap out the phones. My phone is in mint condition except for the new ‘problem’ its having after I upgraded my software.

      • Ajeesh Valliyot

        I did a factory reset and it worked for a week without any issues, but started the problem again after a week. Did a reset again, it’s been 3 days and not faced the issue yet. It’s really frustrating to do a factory reset every other week.

      • Rhod

        i have the same problem as u are, now i’m having problem how to solve this, as for my iphone is very useful to my work, i did the reboot and recover mode twice but still same problem arises. i can use my iphone only when connected to a charger. can anyone share what the best way to do, i’ve been using this phone for almost 2 years but never encountered such problem only until few days ago and its making me crazy.

  • Jin Thierstein

    Alright here’s the deal. My iPhone 5C shuts down ONLY when it’s not being used. I put it to sleep and after about 30-40 seconds it turns off and the only thing that helps is HOME+SLEEP.
    I tried full reset, restore from backup, to drain the battery, i even installed jailbreak nothing helps. The only thing that can prevent it from shutting is to not let it fall asleep completely by keeping some app active or plug usb cable in. I ended up walking with music always playing (muted), but the battery is not too happy about it. I bought my phone in US, but now i live in europe, so i’m fkd.

  • Kieran Shaw

    The problem on which I had started last night. Basically, the iphone just kept switching itself off and on (regardless of the battery level) every couple of mins. Started to really get on my nerves. Because I needed to go to bed asap, i turned my phone off and left it off all night. Switching it back on it the mornincome across the problem being fixed? Or at least i think it is anyway.
    The only solution i have is that the data was just overloading and causing it to shutdown (kind of like a safe mode).
    What I’m basically getting at is that your smartphone needs a decent amount of time to reset itself otherwise silly little problems will accure.
    My advice to you (from my own experience) is to leave your iphone switched off for a good 6-8 hours? Maybe less 1 hour? I dont know i was sleeping.. But my iphone works fine now after that. You can only try…

  • Sara

    I’m having the same problem too and none of the suggestions has fixed my phone. It shuts off as many as 5-6 different times in a day at all different battery levels. My phone was functioning perfectly fine until the ios 7 update.

    • Mindy

      Did you ever find a solution to your phone shutting off?

  • Dina

    I am having a problem too. My iPhone 4S is rebooting every time it charges 1% up. And when I put it on charger it turns on directly from 1% which is weird with iPhones since it turns on after 5% from a complete “run-out-of-battery” condition. Any other solutions? I am out of my home country and I really don’t know what to do.

    • This certainly looks like a battery calibration issue. But it could also
      be a hardware problem. Unfortunately, a fresh restore is the only way
      to see some success in fixing the problem.

  • Jonathan K. Gonzalez

    I am having this same problem but mine its shutting down around 49%. Do we know any other solution to this?

    • Did you try a clean restore + backup? Also, wait for the 7.0.3 update which might address this issue.

      • Phillip Luebke

        I didn’t have the problem before 7.0.3, but now I do. I’m going to start tracking the instances more closely, then I might try your solutions