Is Your iPhone/iPad Showing Wrong Date or Time? Here is The Fix

iPhone Showing Wrong Date and Time

Since the rise of smartphones, people have developed a sort of dislike for wristwatches. A smartphone provides multiple benefits and telling time is one of those advantages. As these devices also show international clock, it is more useful for global citizens.

But what if your smartphone shows wrong time? Recently, many iPhone users have registered complaints of their iPhone and iPad showing the wrong time no several online forums. This has inspired us to take the matter in hands and dig deeper to investigate the problem.

Usually, iPhone and iPad show correct time until and unless users turn on location services, which may incorrectly select any location. And if this happens, the device will automatically show incorrect time according to that location.

In any case, you need to fix the issue for your own good as wrong time can wreak havoc. You may miss an important meeting, train or flight if you rely on your corrupt iOS time.

How to Fix iPhone or iPad Showing Wrong Date and Time Issue

There are half a dozen workarounds you can employ before you take your iPhone or iPad the Apple Support Center. And believe me, there is no rocket science behind these easy methods.

Check iOS version

Whenever you face any software level issue, the first thing you should do is checking the iOS version on your iPhone or iPad. In this case, it has nothing to do with the time, but it is advisable to check which iOS version you are running on your device. In its latest iOS, Apple has fixed some daylight saving bugs; hence, if you are using previous versions, you should move up to the current one. You can easily update iOS on iPhone and iPad through OTA and iTunes.

Before you sync your iOS device with computer

Check the time on the computer you want to sync your device with. If the time on a computer is incorrect, it will automatically affect the time on your iOS device. Check time and date settings on your Mac from System Preferences from under Date and Time pane. From here, you can manually set Date and Time, Time Zone and Clock. Please note that what you set here will reflect on your synced device.

Set Date and Time Manually/Automatically

This might sound funny, but this sometimes works. So if you have set the time manually on your iPhone or iPad, you should change it to manually, and if you have set time automatically, change it to manually.

Step #1. Launch Settings app → Tap on General.

Tap on Settings then General on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on Date & Time.

Tap on Date & Time in iPhone Settings

Step #3. If the Set Automatically option is toggled ON, you can toggle it OFF.

Turn Off Set Automatically Time and Date on iPhone

Step #4. Now set the time manually.

Set Date and Time Manually on iPhone

If you had set the time manually in the past, select the option Set Automatically.

Once you select manual time setting, you will see date and time below the Time Zone option. Tap on the date and time in the blue fonts and you will be able to set time and date manually.

Upon selecting Set Automatically option, this manual selection option will disappear from the screen.

Should you contact the mobile operator?

Some experts offer this solution, but it may not work in your favor because not all countries and service providers support the location services required to set time automatically. Therefore, your iPhone and iPad may show incorrect time. It is a matter of chance – if you get the solution from the service provider, it is your luck! Get more information from Apple’s Carrier Support.

Reset your iPhone/iPad to Factory Settings

This is your last chance before you take your iOS device to Apple Support Center. If all the above solutions fail to provide any good result, restore your device to factory settings.

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