iPhone/iPad Not Charging: How to Fix the Issue

Is your iPhone/iPad not charging? Try out these quick tips to get rid of the issue easily.

I have been using the iPhone for quite some time. Over the years, I have faced some common problems like Bluetooth connectivity issue, battery drain or Wi-Fi issue or charging issue which most of you may have encountered at some point as well.

Having experienced the “iPhone not charging issue” on a few occasions, I have learned to fix it with ease. Frankly speaking, on most of the occasions all, I had to do to troubleshoot it was to simply reboot my smartphone. Though poor third-party accessory and pocket gunk or small pieces of lint have played spoilsport on a number of times as well.

Just a couple of days back, I found my iPhone 7 Plus stuck at charging. Even though the charging indicator was showing, my phablet was not charging at all. It was the $1.5 lightning connector which was found to be the real culprit. Coincidentally, the very next day I used an Apple-certified Lightning connector to power up my new iPhone. But again, I found my smartphone not charging even though the charging indicator was live and kicking. And, guess what? This time around I was able to fix it just by restarting my phablet.

“So from what I have experienced, “iPhone/iPad not charging” issue could crop up due to more reasons than one. As for instance, the villain could be your poor or worn out Lightning connector, ill-fated software update or dust/pocket lint. As compared to wall chargers, computer/laptop charges your device slowly. At times it might either not charge at all or carry out the charging process with tortoise speed.”

iPhone/iPad not Charging Issue: Tips to Fix

Make Sure to Use Apple Certified Accessories

Make sure to use only Apple-certified Lightning connector. In case, “Accessory not certified” popup appears on your iPhone despite the fact that its MFi certified, follow this guide to resolve the problem.

Is Dust/Pocket Lint Creating the Problem?

Make sure to keep the Lighting port cleaned. Use USB vacuum cleaner or toothpick to get rid of dust (Use it gently).

Reboot your iOS Device

Reboot your iPhone if it’s still not charging up. The process of rebooting on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has slighting been tweaked thanks to the introduction of the pressure-sensitive Home button. On other iPhone/iPad models, just hold down on Home and sleep/wake buttons at once for about ten seconds to reboot them. Once your iPhone has been rebooted, try to charge it again.

Reset All Settings

If the above-mentioned solutions haven’t worked, then Reset All Settings. It has clicked a lot of times for me in resolving this problem.

Step #1. Tap on Settings → General.

Tap on Settings Then General on iPhone 7 Plus

Step #2. Reset → Reset All Settings.

Tap on Reset All Settings on iPhone

Step #3. Enter your passcode and tap on Reset All Settings in Popup.

Confirm Reset All Settings on iPhone in iOS 10

Restore your iPhone

As I have mentioned above, this issue could be due to ill software update as well. So, back up your device first and then restore it as new with iTunes.

Restore iPhone Using iTunes on Mac or Windows

Contact Apple Care

Hopefully, all these tips can get the job done for you. Just in case, nothing works for you and you are unable to charge your iOS device, you can connect to Apple for help.

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