Digital Crown makes Apple Watch extremely user-friendly. It makes scrolling content on the tiny screen without having to touch the screen quite easy on the smartwatch. With Digital Crown receiving a lot of appreciation, Apple has just decided to take this innovative technology to an altogether new level.

According to Patently Apple, the Cupertino-based company has filed a patent application which shows a rotary input device on iPhone and iPad. Going by the report, bezel-free devices are in the offing.

iPhone Digital Crown ConceptImage Credit: De Rosa

iPhone/iPad to Have Apple Watch-Style Digital Crown

“Apple’s patent FIG. 2 illustrates an expanded view of an exemplary device #200 such as an iPad, though it could be an iPhone or iPod touch as well. The device could include touch screen surrounded by border region #208. The border region could be a region between touchscreen #206 and the edge of the device. In some examples, the device may not have a border region and may instead have a surface composed only of the touch screen. The device could also include mechanical inputs such as button #202, slide switch #203 and rotary input #204,” Patently Apple.

Based on the reports, the Apple-Watch-style Digital Crown for iPhone will be used for tasks like adjusting the volume and resizing text. It could also be used for the push-button function such as, locking/unlocking the screen and even taking a photo.

“In a secondary patent filing published today by the U.S. Patent Office titled “Generator Button for Electronic Devices” we learn that “In some waterproof button designs that include user feedback, such as those that use an elastomeric seal between the button and a tactile switch, the elastomeric seal may be compressed between the tactile switch and the button cap.”

iPhone 7 is expected to hit the floor this September. We don’t think this feature would be the part of the next-gen iPhone. It may be specific to the 2017 model.

With touch-sensitive Home button is already on-its-way (as per rumors) to embrace the upcoming smartphone, the Watch-style like Digital Crown might just be a pretty exciting feature on the device.

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