For the last couple of months, there has been a lot of buzz around disappearance of home button from the upcoming iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Now the latest news seems to demystify the rumours spread around the removal of the home button.

According to TNW News, Sonovation, a third-party company, has developed ultrasonic fingerprint sensors capable of 3D scanning from beneath the Gorilla Glass Apple uses for its iPhone displays.

Virtual Home Button in Upcming iPhone
Concept Image: Martin Hajek for Computer Bild

Sonovation has divulged very few details around this new development; though the company said its sensors are “capable of capturing fingerprint data into the ridges and valleys.”

The third-party company also added that the 3D scanning technology would allow phone owners to place their finger even if it is wet, dirty or oily; there is no compromise on accuracy.

On the other hand, the reports deny any relation between Apple and Sonovation; it could only be an indication that the world already knows about technology needed to replace a physical Home button with an embedded one.

Sonovation cleared that customers should not expect embedded Home button; however, reports leaked recently revealed that the upcoming models of iPhone would have Force Touch. It was disclosed that the external appearance of the phone will be almost identical to the iPhone 6.

After a few years of use, Home button on iPhone wears down. Hence, it doesn’t work properly. Even I have had a terrible experience of using old iPhone which Home button simply doesn’t work as smoothly as one could expect.

A touch-sensitive Home button could be a much better option; if implemented. Though there is no confirmation as to when we could finally have a solution to it, we can keep our fingers crossed. Hopefully, Apple resolves this major problem sooner than later.

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