Is Your iPhone/iPad Getting Too Hot? Here are Some Tips to Prevent It

Quick tips on how to prevent your iPhone and iPad from getting too hot. Follow these tips and keep your device hardware healthy all the time.

No matter how much you pamper your iPhone or iPad, you might find it heating at times. Most of the times, this is due to heavy load on the processor. If the CPU is constantly processing heavy data, then it will start heating. The heating will then be felt on the back of your iPhone or iPad.

You might not take it seriously, but continuous heating can damage the hardware and you might end up with a dead iPhone/iPad. Today, we will point out some needed steps you should take in order to prevent your iPhone or iPad from getting too hot. Just go through the things we have mentioned and follow them on a regular basis.

iPhone-iPad Getting Too Hot

iPhone/iPad Getting Too Hot: How to Prevent It

#1. Keep it Under Room Temperature

Almost every one of us has a habit of placing their iPhone on car’s dashboard. You might not be aware, but the sunlight coming through the windshield can damage the screen and also the hardware. Apart from that, when in the office or home, do not place your device in direct sunlight.

#2. Give Rest to Your iPhone/iPad

The CPU processes depend on the things you do on your device. If you are playing intensive graphics game for a long time, the CPU starts overheating. So, it’s better to give yourself a break, as well as to your iPhone/iPad. This will get your CPU enough time to cool down. Apart from games, certain apps also consume heavy resources. It’s also recommended to take a break from such apps for some time and then use it again.

#3. Don’t Use Your iPhone/iPad While Charging

It’s a universal truth that a device starts heating when it is in charging, though very nominal. That’s because of the current that passes through the battery. Now in such a case, if you use your iPhone/iPad extensively, it will add fuel to the fire. So either don’t place your device in charging or don’t use it while it is charging.

#4. Adjusting Features of Device to Prevent it from Overheating

The hardware related features like GPS consumes data all the time. This leads to heating of hardware and ultimately you feel it on your hands. It’s better to disable GPS, Data, and Wi-Fi when not needed. Apart from heating, doing this also helps in getting some more juice out of the battery.

#5. Develop a Habit of Turning Your iPhone/iPad on Timely Interval

This might sound like a tough decision, but it’s worth it. Having your device always on reduces its efficiency over time. So develop a habit of turning it completely off for few hours in a day. This helps in two ways, your eyes will get some rest, as well as your device.

On a closing note, if you find your device overheating even if you aren’t doing anything with it, then there could be some serious hardware issue. It’s better to book an appointment with Genius fellows at Apple and get things sorted.

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