iPhone Is Disabled: How to Recover Your iPhone without iTunes Backup

So, your iPhone is completely disabled or locked? And you are looking for solutions to recover your iPhone without iTunes backup. Follow this complete guide to fix the issue and bring your locked iPhone into action again with all of your apps and data safe.

Weird things do happen in life. And if one day you, unfortunately, find yourself in a situation in which your iPhone is completely disabled or locked due to the repeated entry of the wrong passcode, what would you do to get out of the dilemma? The problem could be further compounded if you don’t have an iTunes backup or have never backed up your device with iTunes. Recovering your iPhone without iTunes backup is possible but only if your patience is ready to go through the grill!

Having myself been in such situations a couple of times, I know what it takes to bring a locked iPhone into action or restore it from the death. Let’s look at all the aspects and solutions!

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iPhone is Disabled

How to Recover Disabled or Locked iPhone without iTunes Backup

If you have never backed up your iPhone via iTunes, it will not let you back it up when it’s locked. In fact, iTunes won’t be able to even detect it.

So, how would you deal with this locked and disabled iPhone? Well, there is still a way to get rid of the issue. You will need to restore your device in Recovery Mode.

However, you’ll lose all of your data as it wipes out your apps, app data, contacts, photos, music and most of everything that resides on your iOS device.

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If you’ve got iCloud sync and backup setup, the chances of finding all your app data, photos and contacts in iCloud are high. In that case, you can move ahead with the assurance that you can restore your iDevice from an iCloud backup and be up and run with almost everything.

If you had backed up your device using iTunes before…

If you had synced your device to iTunes, you are in luck. You can back up your iPhone and restore it as new without any issue.

Step #1. Connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes.

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Step #2. Select the iPhone (from the sidepane or from top-right of the screen)

Step #3. In the Summary tab, click on Back Up Now. Once your device is successfully backed up, click on Restore iPhone.

Note: If you have enabled Find My iPhone on your device, you won’t be allowed to restore it. Jump over here to turn off Find My iPhone remotely.

If iTunes proceeds with a problem-free restore, your device will be wiped clean and restored as a new device.

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Just in case, iTunes throws up errors, try using Recovery Mode to restore your device.

How to Restore iPhone in Recovery Mode

Step #1. Press and hold ON/OFF and Home buttons for about ten seconds. (on your iPhone 7/7 Plus, you have to press and hold ON/OFF button and volume down button at once). Keep holding both the buttons until Connect to iTunes screen appears.

To put your iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus into recovery mode, press and quickly release the Volume Up button, press and quickly release the Volume Down button.

Then, you need to press and hold the Side button until the recovery mode screen appears. Next, connect your device to the computer and go ahead with the restore process.

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Step #2. Once your device has been successfully restored, set it up as usual. During the setup process, you will get the option to Restore from iTunes backup. Choose Restore from iTunes Backup and then select the most recent backup.

The Story Doesn’t End Here…

Sometimes the recovery mode doesn’t work out very well because there’s an iTunes issue preventing the recovery.

In that case, you can use dr.fone – Repair to fix your disabled iPhone without any hassle. It is much simpler and more efficient than iTunes.

When you’re using a third-party tool to fix any iPhone issues, you should be completely sure about its reliability as well. To that end, you can rest assured that dr.fone enjoys the trust of millions of users around the world and it has also received acclaim from reputed media outlets such as PC World, Forbes, CNET, etc.

Below, we’ll show you how to fix disabled iPhone using dr.fone – Repair.

How to Fix your Disabled iPhone Using dr.fone – Repair

Step #1. Download and launch dr.fone.

Step #2. Select the “Repair” option from the main menu.

Select Repair Option in Dr.fone Software

Step #3. Connect the iPhone to the computer with a cable and click on “Start.”

Click on Start in Dr.Fone Software

Step #4. Go through the iPhone details and click “Next.”

Connect iPhone and Click on Next in dr.fone Software

Step #5. Enter the iPhone into DFU mode. In the case of iPhone 7, 8, or X, turn off the iPhone first and then hold the Volume Down and Power buttons together for 10 seconds. Then release the Power button but continue holding the Volume Down button. You’ll enter DFU mode. If you’re using an older iPhone, press the Home Button, not the Volume Down.

Reboot iPhone 7-7 Plus while Using dr.fone Software

Reboot iPhone X, 8-8 Plus while Using dr.fone Software

Step #6. Dr.fone will detect the correct firmware. Click on “download.”

Download dr.fone on your Computer

Download Process dr.fone on your Computer

Step #7. Next, click on “Fix Now” to restore the iPhone.

Click on Fix Now in dr.fone Software

Step #8. Restart and start using normally!

Repair iOS using Dr.fone Software

This process should help you fix your iPhone. However, if you have suffered any data loss, you can restore that using another tool called dr.fone – Recover.

With this tool, you can selectively choose which files you want to restore from your iCloud or iTunes backups, or even directly from your iPhone. You can preview all your lost data in a gallery, select the ones you want to restore, and then restore them either to your iPhone or the computer.

Recover Selective iPhone Apps and Data using dr.fone Software

How to Restore iPhone without iTunes

What If your iPhone is plagued by a number of issues and just don’t run properly. And you wish to restore it without iTunes backup. I mean you don’t want to take the help of iTunes in restoring your device.

Well, you can get it done right on your device. But before jumping ahead with the process, make sure you have enabled iCloud backup on your device. Settings → Apple ID banner → iCloud → iCloud Backup. If you haven’t done it, be sure to do it now.

Once you have got the iCloud backup, open Settings app → General → Reset → Tap on Erase All Content and Settings → tap on Erase Now in the popup to confirm. Then, enter your passcode.

When everything is wiped out, turn on your device and follow the instructions to set it up. And when you get the option to restore your device from iTunes or iCloud backup, choose iCloud backup. Then, finish the setup process.

That’s it, folks!

Wrap up:

Assuming you have successfully restored your iPhone without any hiccups. It would be great to know your feedback in the comments below.

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    • connect to iTunes on computer that you set your phone up with and then hit the sync button. It will allow you to enter your password into your iphone again. If you forgot the password completely, a recovery will be necessary.

  1. hi, i hv iphone5s its in disabled condition, tried to restore it but i was getting error4013, any thing else i can do with it to enable it,


    • I think you try again in dfu mode and just run update, not restore. Then you will be prompted for username and password & credit card

  2. May have also saved disabled phone. I had my phone set to not delete if disabled. I tried dfu restore but it had an error, however, I was able to then restart in dfu again and run update this time. Phone asked me for username and credit card info. However in one of my previous efforts to reenable it, I had tried to remove it from my find my iPhone account without deleting. So it hung there and said if I stopped there phone would be erased. Ended up doing forced restart and phone was erased. If it sat longer or I’d kept it with find my iPhone maybe it would have worked. I believe apple support lied to me about what happens when phone disables and what can be done. Several times I found things to work they said would not. They sent me to same third party twice which would have ruined my apple care agreement. But that also made me think they had an agreement with this comp, as well. It was extremely expensive and I could not afford. I’m curious to know if anyone tries this and they don’t lose everything on their phone. It may be a work around if you accidentally disabled your own phone. I would suggest trying this first and not removing it from your find my iPhone or putting it in lost mode.

  3. It wanted to go to iTunes recovery mode I had to force it to go to dfu mode after original failed recovery in dfu.

  4. My iphone 6plus is disabled, but when i try to connect it to itunes my PC is not recognizing the device……!!! (USB not recognized)


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