iPhone Charging Slowly? How to Charge Your iPhone Faster

Follow these simple tricks to charge iPhone faster. Try them if your iPhone is charging slowly. Check out the post and follow all the suggestions to speed up your iPhone's charging.

When it comes to iPhones and batteries, we do not have much to complain. Even though, critics complain that Android smartphones have bigger batteries and Apple should do something about that. But the reality is that even with smaller batteries iPhone and iPad deliver commendable battery backup.

Most of the iPhones deliver full-day battery backup, but the absence of USB-C is what bothers many users. Lightning cable charges fast, but not fast enough. But if you are experiencing lower than the average charging speeds, then there can be many reasons for it. That’s exactly we will guide you in this post and explain how to charge your iPhone faster.

6 Tips to Charge Your iPhone Faster

Tip #1: Use a 12W iPad Charger for your iPhone

A typical Apple charger that ships with the iPhones are a 5V, 1A charger. It’s okay-ish in terms of the speed up your iPhone’s charging but surprisingly (or not-so-surprisingly), if you happen to use a 10W or a 12W charger (that ships with an iPad), you’ll notice that your iPhone charges faster.

If you’ve got an iPad charger lying around, use that instead of the regular charger. It doesn’t harm your iPhone because the iPhone battery only permits 1A, but for some reason, it still charges faster.

Tip #2. Try the Airplane Mode While Charging

This is one of the silliest but surefire ways to charge your iPhone faster. The next time you charge, put your iPhone on the ‘Airplane Mode’. Sure, you won’t be able to make/get calls, use 3G/4G/LTE or – if you didn’t try turning on Wi-Fi – not be able to use Wi-Fi too. But this total radio-blackout of your iPhone has one big advantage: it helps the battery charge insanely faster.

In the Airplane Mode, the phone can charge up to twice as fast (or more). This tip can be handy if you want to quick-charge your iPhone or are in a hurry to get a little bit of juice charged up on your iPhone.

Tip #3. Switch off When Charging

If you can turn off the phone while it is being charged, the iPhone will charge a lot faster than usual. By doing so, you don’t allow any continuing functions to consume battery while it’s being charged. It hugely contributes to expediting the charging of the battery.

Tip #4. Power Cycle Frequently

It is generally recommended (but seldom followed) that you power-cycle your iPhone’s battery once a month. A power-cycle is when you let the iPhone charge out completely (0%) and then charge it to full capacity (100%). When it’s being charged, you shouldn’t use the iPhone at all. This can help keep the battery going good for a long time.

Tip #5. Clean the Lightning Port

Sometimes it could be just some dust and dirt hindering the charging speed. You can use a toothpick and some cotton around it. Now clean the lightning port on the iPhone. You’ll be surprised to see how much dust accumulates over time. Try charging your iPhone now and see if there is any change in the speeds.

Tip #6. Try Changing the Charging Cable

Even if you are using Apple original charger and cable, sometimes they may not perform as per expectations. If you have another Apple device, try using the charging cable of that device and see the difference. Even a slightly broken cable can reduce charging speeds by big margins.

Signing off…

Above-mentioned suggestions will surely help in charging your iPhone faster. But in any case, if you still see your iPhone isn’t charging fast, you should get in touch with Apple and get it checked for a hardware issue. Otherwise, the recommendations will surely boost the charging speeds.

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