When you import contacts to your iPhone (or iCloud or iPad) in large numbers, there’s always the chance that you’ll end up with duplicates. And everyone knows how bad it is to handle duplicate contacts, find them and merge/delete them.

The stock Contacts app on the iPhone doesn’t feature anything close to a smart merge feature. If you want to find, remove/merge duplicate contacts on your iPhone, there are three options: do it manually or use software on Mac/PC and then import contacts or use an iPhone app to remove duplicate contacts. This third option is what we’re exploring in this post.

Best iPhone Apps to Remove Duplicate Contact from iPhone

There are dozens of iPhone apps that promise to remove and merge duplicate contacts on your iPhone. About 90% of them work sort of “okay” and most of them require you to purchase (or upgrade through an IAP) to remove/merge duplicates. But here are some that we felt worked good.

Best iPhone Apps to Remove Duplicate Contacts

#1. SmartMerge

SmartMerge iPhone App
By far the best but also very limited. SmartMerge’s interface and simplicity is almost unmatched in all of the other apps that I’ve seen or used. SmartMerge is quite fast too. Coupled with an ultra-simple interface, what you get is a really quick way to delete duplicates and merge the ones you need to keep.
There are limits. You can only merge/remove 20 duplicates. You’ll need to upgrade to be able to use it beyond the first 20 merges. There are good backup options but one quirk I stumbled on was that it missed a couple of duplicates. It’s still pretty good for a free app.

Price: Free
Download SmartMerge

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#2. Cleanup Duplicate Contacts

Cleanup Duplicate Contacts iPhone App

Right next to SmartMerge, Cleanup Duplicate Contacts is one of the finest duplicate contact remover/merger app. The app has a really clean and simple interface, something that matches well with the iOS 7/8 look.

There’s nothing much to elucidate. The app is super simple that anyone can just run the app (Analyze → Merge) and merge contacts.

Price: Free
Download Cleanup Duplicate Contacts

#3. ContactClean

ContactsClean iPhone App

ContactsClean doesn’t feature as good an interface as SmartMerge but it works just fine. Like the latter, ContactClean has limitations and in-app upgrades to unlock them. But I could get it to fix some duplicates easily.

What I like about ContactClean is the options. You can find duplicates by name, by phone and by email. The unified interface makes it really easy to use ContactClean.

Merging contacts with similar/same names is free. To merge contacts with same phone numbers and email, you have to upgrade. Worth it.

Price: Free
Download ContactClean

#4. Cleanup & Merge

Cleanup & Merge & Remove Duplicate Contacts iPhone App

I am not really a fan of this one (ads, a not-bad interface etc.) but it sure is smart in identifying duplicates. It spotted duplicates not identified by other apps. Too bad it has a poor UI on it (the ad-supported version, that is.)

When you tap on “Merge Duplicate Contacts”, the app offers three options: find duplicates by Name, Phones or Email. It finds the duplicates, all right, but you will need to upgrade to Merge them. That’s where SmartMerge works better: you can start merging and then upgrade after you’ve seen how it works. Not so with Cleanup & Merge.

Price: Free
Download Cleanup & Merge

But of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. You can try a plethora of others (if you’re willing to shell out a dollar or two on each). Here are some suggestions for paid iPhone apps that remove duplicate contacts from your smartphone:

Cleaner Pro iPhone App

Price: $0.99
Download Cleaner Pro

Delete Duplicates+Contacts iPhone App

Price: $0.99
Delete Duplicates+Contacts