It’s been a while since various reports have claimed that the future iPhones will come with the fingerprint recognition technology embedded on the screen. A number of Apple patents for this technology have more or less confirmed it.

Yet another patent for the technology has come out today. However, it reveals that fingerprint will be recognized anywhere on the screen of future iPhones. Patently Apple has elaborated how the electric field differences between ridges and valleys of the fingerprint can be applied on iPhone’s capacitive screen.

Apple patent appears to show fingerprint recognition almost anywhere on the screen

iPhone 8 Set to Arrive with Fingerprint Scanner Embedded on the Entire Screen

“In the case of fingerprint recognition systems that include arrays of capacitive sensing elements to detect the fingerprint images, i.e. capacitive fingerprint sensors, there may be a number of reasons for these components to axially aligned with other components of the consumer electronics device, such as display stacks and touch screens, not the least of which is an interest in avoiding assigning valuable surface space exclusively to an component that may only be used briefly during the process of identifying the user.”

Going by the history, the 2017 model of iPhone should be called “iPhone 7s and 7s Plus.” However, there is no clarity with regards to the name pattern as some reports have claimed that the next-gen iPhone will be named as iPhone 8.

With the edge-to-edge display (bezel free display, iPhone 8 is rumored to come with a radical design. So, all those iPhone fans who have been craving for a brand new design may have a big reason to go for the 2017 model.

If there is any feature which I would like to have in the next-gen iPhone, it has to be lightning fast charging technology. As compared to other flagship smartphones, iPhone 7 charges a lot slower.

What do you want to see in iPhone 8? Let us know your views in the comments.

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