iPhone 8 Wishlist: Both Enviable and Efficient

Though there are a great many features vying to have a breakthrough in this special list, these are my top 5 iPhone 8 wish-lists. Do they match with yours? Take a look!

The most-awaited smartphone—iPhone 8 is set to launch this fall. Touted to feature radical design, the next-gen iPhone is expected to make history; with various reports suggesting that the smartphone would be a massive hit. As someone who has used iPhone for quite some time, I would want the upcoming smartphone from Apple to weave magic both on sales chart and hearts—very much like iPhone 6 series!

Even though there are many things I would wish the device to flaunt, these are my top five iPhone 8 features wishlist. I know a great many of you would love to design your own iPhone; if given a chance. Hence, it would be nice to have your feedback about them and the features you badly want to see in the next-gen iPhone.

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iPhone 8 Features Wishlist

iPhone 8 Wish-list

Curved Edge

The reason why I have always preferred 4.7-inch iPhone is that it’s a bit easier to hold in hands—unlike 5.5-inch models. I like the form-factor of the bigger sibling and love every bit of it as a loyal user. But it’s a bit inconvenient to use the bigger model with one hand. With the curved edge, it would have been more comfortable to hold iPhone 8 in hands or use it elegantly with one hand.

With many reports suggesting that Apple may introduce a third model with the 5.8-inch display, it would be really pivotal to have smooth and rounded edges for enhanced grip. Both from the style point of view and convenience, it would make a killer impact.

The one thing that makes Galaxy S8 so enviable is the smooth and curved edge that richly adorns the looks of the device. It’s high time iPhone had something like that…

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Iris Scanning Technology

Wouldn’t it be cool if you can unlock your iPhone using your eyes? Yes, it would be really great!

Iris Scanning Technology is something I would love to have on my iPhone 8. Though I have some reservations about its security, I would really welcome this new form of biometric authentication on iPhone—if Apple makes it more secure.

The reason why I want iris scanner is that it can prevent snooping; safeguarding your personal data from prying eyes. Besides, we would get something really nice to indulge with.

Fast Charging

iPhone charges too slowly to handle. Can we finally fix this lethargic charging speed?

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Many Android phones provide almost a day of battery life with just up to one hour of charging. Why can’t iPhone deliver the same? Once the battery of an iPhone dies down, it takes a lot of time (around 2 hours) to get it fully charged. I hope Apple finally brings fast charging to power up its smartphones a bit quickly.

If time is real money, I wouldn’t want to wait for more than 2 hours just to see my iPhone get fully charged. Instead, I would want to power it up a lot faster than its rivals.

Effective Wireless Charging

Wireless charging has been around for quite some time, but Apple is yet to introduce it on iPhone. The tech giant is finally going to bring it with iPhone 8—if rumor mills prove to be true.

What is icing on the cake is that the tech giant is expected to launch a long-range wireless charging that would function more effectively than its existing form? Even better, you may not need to put your iPhone on a mat to charge your device. It’s said to be more functional and user-friendly.

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The only thing I want is the rumor about more functional wirelessly charging coming to iPhone finally hits the jackpot—after several years of miss-hits!

Don’t Put Touch ID Button on the Back…PLEASE!!!

One of the things I don’t like in Samsung Galaxy S8 and many other Android phones is the installation of Touch ID button on the back. If given a chance, I would either put it on the screen (as rumored) or keep it where it exists right now.

Various reports have suggested that the Touch ID button is going to be placed on the rear side of the upcoming iPhone. And going by the vibes, it does seem that Apple’s smartphone might follow the footsteps of Android phones.

I wish the reports prove to be wrong and Touch ID continues to be on the front where it looks at its best…

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The Bottom Line

Have you created any concept design of iPhone? I would be glad to see it and your wish list. Besides, let us know which rumored features you want to see in iPhone 8 and which most talked about features you don’t want to see in it.

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