Apple to Match Competition With iPhone 8 Refresh in Spring 2020, Says Analyst Jeff Pu 

Apple iPhone market share is on the decline as competitors dominate the price-sensitive market and have no sub $450 iPhone, currently. New iPhone 8 Refresh may help address market fatigue, views Ace Tech Analyst Jeff Pu.

We have seen Apple struggling to get a hold on competition, particularly from Samsung and Huawei in global Smartphone markets due to its high priced iPhone models. This lacuna may probably get answered if we consider views on iPhone 8 refresh as predicted by ace technology researcher Jeff Pu at GF Securities, Hong Kong.

Apple has witnessed lead position loss with declining market share for the last two quarters in the global 2019 smartphone shipments due to trade and tariff wars, economic slowdown, and competition. It was thus imperative for Apple to bring in the new model serving customer requirements and their pockets.

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iPhone 8 Refresh Coming up in Spring 2020: Predicts Jeff Pu 

Today, Jeff informed us via email that, It will be like an iPhone 8 refresh with iPhone 8’s looks but inner components such as A13 chip, updated camera sensors, memory content, etc. are like those proposed for fresh iPhone 11’s.”

Regarding arrival and pricing, he mentions, We expect it to be launched in Mar/April-2020, helping the supply chain to resume momentum after 2019’s iPhone slowing down. It is likely to be priced at USD400-450 range.”

Apple got hit in markets like India (second-largest market after China), where customers did not buy their high priced iPhones, opine industry watchers. 

Samsung, Huawei dwarfed Apple to the third position while Xiaomi and Oppo who were following close on its heels as per the global smartphone shipment report for Q2

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Now, with analyst’s prediction above, the likely new Spring iPhone 2020 model price band ideally matches the first Apple low-priced iPhone SE launched in 2016 and then sold at $399.

For records, media sources have cited Yuanta Investment Consulting report saying the iPhone SE registered 30 million units in sales for 2016 and 10 million during the 2017-18 period.

To make cheaper iPhone models, Apple is well set with its adept and smart supply chain members, say market watchers. They include Qualcomm, Jabil, TSMC, Da Liguang, Japan Display, among many others who back their iPhone assembling contractors like Foxconn, Pegatron, and Wistron.

Jeff’s point is worth highlighting; a few of the 2019 new iPhone models may suffer ‘market fatigue,’ and that is when Apple will need to bridge the gap. This will be possible by slotting a low price model that not only appeals, and attracts a price-conscious segment, but also offers value for money smartphone features.

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New and Pro 2019 iPhone 11 features (including one that may match proposed iPhone 8 refresh) have already been shared in several tidbits like added RAM capacity, USB Charger with Lightning Cable, triple-lens camera, dual Bluetooth audio support, and whatnot. 

Is Apple strategizing well to address the low cost, mid price-sensitive markets, and grab the much-needed smartphone market share?

Are you interested in sub-$450 iPhone with LCD and compromised higher model features?

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Jignesh Padhiyar
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