Even though it’s been hardly a couple of weeks since iPhone 7/7 Plus was launched amid much fanfare, news and rumors about next-gen iPhone have started pouring in. The latest thunderbolt is that Apple is quietly working on the 2017 iPhone model at its offices in Herzliya, Israel.

According to sources, the Cupertino-based company is referring its next-gen flagship smartphone as “iPhone 8.” Various rumors have suggested that the iPhone 8 will have a radical design. This news also corroborates that the 2017 iPhone will flaunt a brand new design—much to the happiness of millions of iPhone users from around the world who have been slightly disappointed to see iPhone 7 with the old design.

iPhone 8 with Brand New Design is Already a Work in Progress

iPhone 8 to Flaunt a Brand New Design

“Speaking to Business Insider outside Apple’s Herzliya office at Maskit Street 12, the Apple employee said staff in Israel are working on what’s coming “next” in Apple’s product line, giving a specific mention to “iPhone 8.” 

The worker used the term “iPhone 8” unprompted in our conversation. That was interesting because the next logical name for the iPhone to be released in 2017 should be “iPhone 7s.” iPhone 8 isn’t due until 2018.” Business Insider.

Going by the history, the 2017 iPhone model should be called iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. But the mention of iPhone 8 by Apple employee does signal wild ripples. Perhaps, the tech giant is planning to bring a huge surprise in order to celebrate the tenth anniversary of iPhone.

Some of the most talked about features that are rumored to arrive with iPhone 8 are edge-to-edge display (bezel free). Some reports have stated that the front-facing camera and fingerprint sensor may be embedded in the screen.

If these rumors hold true, the next-gen iPhone will be really stunning. What do you think? Do share your thoughts with us in the comment, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Also, try our iOS app on your iPhone and iPad.