Though the latest flagship iPhones (iPhone 6 and 6 Plus) already boast of top notch camera quality, iPhone 7 is rumoured to have the biggest camera jump ever. And, there is hot possibility that it is already in the making!

The Speculation Has A Strong Wind Too

On the latest episode “The Talk Show”, John Gruber said, “I’ve heard that Apple is working on the biggest camera jump ever.”

iPhone 7 Biggest Camera Jump

Sony’s announcement with regard to its upcoming smart phone camera sensor with 21-megapixels into a small 1/2 .4inch design seems to be making a fair indication towards this rumor-knowing that Sony has been supplying camera sensor for iPhone to Apple for a long time.

There is another interesting thing that gives a strong wind to this hot speculation is that earlier this year a granted apple patent said that Apple was pursuing various possibility of attaching many, small fixed focal-length lens to the rear camera of iPhone with a view to enhancing its capability.

What This Two-Lens System Is About & How It Works?

With the two-lens system, the camera is equipped to use two lenses simultaneously and somehow it takes it up into DSLR quality. iPhone 7 is going to have a spectacular camera quality if the rumour mills prove to be true.

HTC One M8 Has Already Hot Two-Lens System

The two-lens system is not new as HTC One M8 already features it. The two lenses work in sync with each other to shift focus with the secondary lens which is used to provide extra information to the primary.

Expect Apple to Bring The Unexpected Again

Knowing how Apple has successfully changed the way smartphones used to be viewed or perceived, we will have to wait and watch what the Cupertino tech giant does. One thing is for sure, it is going to be nothing less than a titanic.

So, expect Apple to bring the unexpected as it always does with aplomb; thereby making it altogether new!

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