Following the record decline in iPhone sales in the last quarter, a number of analysts have predicted that the sales of Apple’s flagship smartphone may go down even further in 2016.

However, what could be a major shot in the arms for the tech giant, BMO Capital Markets analyst Tim Long has said that the sales of the next-gen iPhone will reach a new high.

iPhone 7 Sales Could Touch A New Record

iPhone 7 Sales Could Touch A New Record

The analyst has asserted that twenty-five percent of the existing users among the total audience of 120 million are poised for an upgrade.

He has stated that 17% of users upgrade when the new model arrives, 58% upgrade a year after that, and 22% the year after that.

“Twenty-five percent of the “installed user base” is poised for an upgrade, Long believes – an audience of 120 million phones. BMO’s Long went back through the history of all iPhone sales and calculated that on average, 17% of users upgrade as soon as the next year’s model comes out; 58% upgrade a year after that; and 22% the year after that. Only 2% of users hang on longer.”

Looking at Long’s prediction from a tactical point of view, it may prove to be a great year for iPhone. Since the upcoming smartphone is not rumored to arrive with a number of standout features and will have the same design as iPhone 6s, several analysts believe that it will fail to charm both the existing and new customers.

Among the very few features that are about to come with iPhone 7 are smart connector, dual-camera, four speakers etc.

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