Smartphone’s big daddy-iPhone 7 is all geared up to launch later this year. As always, there is a massive buzz about the features that will embrace the flagship device. Whether they are concept features, design or leaked images, the tech universe is seemingly flooded with everything that will keep you guessing.

Going by the recent rumors, iPhone 7 will have a striking similarity with iPhone 6s; barring some minor changes here and there. Five top features have been doing the rounds consistently and have a great chance of marrying with the much-awaited device. What about having a quick look at them?

iPhone 7 Features Rumors

iPhone 7 Features: Top Five Features You Need to Know

A10 Processors

The upcoming iPhone will come loaded with A10 processors manufactured by TSMC. It will make the smartphone run a lot faster and even allow it to consume less battery.

So, expect your next iPhone to have not just relatively longer battery life but also the amazing power to thrill you thanks to the robust processor.


Reports are suggesting that iPhone 7 will continue to have 2GB of RAM while 7 Plus will boast of 3GB RAM. Looking at the way Android smartphones are donning up 4GB and some of them have even got 6GB RAM, it’s apt that Apple upgrades its flagship device in this department.

Dual Cameras

According to reports, iPhone 7 Plus is to come with dual cameras with improved performance in low-light conditions. Since the Cupertino-based company patented a dual camera system featuring one standard wide angle lens, the two camera system is possibly on its way to arrive with the forthcoming phone.

256GB Storage

Have you ever thought that the 128GB of storage is not enough for you and wished Apple could add more on its flagship smartphone? You are going to get exactly what you are craving for.

Thinner Lightning Port

The 3.5mm headphone jack is said to make way for a thinner lightning port which will be used to connect the wired headphones.

Numerous reports have revealed that iPhone 7 Plus will have Smart Connector on the back of the shell while others have refuted it. Some reports have asserted that Smart Connector is going to be exclusive to the 5.5-inch model only.

Four Separate Speakers

Based on the latest rumor, the forthcoming iPhone will have four separate speakers. While two speaker grills are said to be built on the top, two are reported to be on the bottom.

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